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   With the increasing competition in the home market, so competition between the supermarkets has become extremely delicate, many small stores began to hold the thigh form chiefs seek cross-border cooperation and common development. But for the water purification industry, positioning itself to be clear, if too blind to cooperate but will be counterproductive.

   attract popular crossover have to extend the industrial chain

   The past two years, home store "plate" seems to be growing, in addition to the opportunities on the domestic industry chain of transactions, home store "ambition" is also growing, he began to get involved to try various fields. Multi-tenant mix home store has been in progress. Today, higher-end home store or supermarket, department stores, home appliance stores and other formats with varying degrees of "marriage", or rich diversified range of restaurants, jewelry, and other in-house, sell furniture, building materials stores seem to have "out of date . "

   to explore these coincide, both specific and varied factors each store, but also affected by the market, many factors influence consumer demand. But in the end, the home store to play the "cross" or in order to attract popular. Home store to expand the scope of business at home, which means to extend the industrial chain, has won another call consumer groups. Home stores no longer just a place only sell household products, diversified home store will also bring new customers.

   different views

   stores straddling the industrys previously reported, our home store has a total area of 鈥嬧€媜ver 40 million square meters, of which about 50% of the stores belonging to the surplus, the excess complex the negative effect has extended to the home building industry. Not busy selling the event of another store saturation, home stores do not take the pace of transition will escape unscathed. In essence, the traditional home store is taking the "commercial real estate" mode. For the home store, the mere consideration "to rent out space" has been difficult to adapt to the new situation, based on home-based business industry is on, if we can use existing data resources, passenger resources, the two seemingly disparate a format integrate and create value, it seems much more than simply attractive discounts to buy household products smart.

   However, some industry insiders cross-border restructuring of home stores have different views. Relevant person in charge of a large store said it will not consider the introduction of cross-border format. In his view, the store should consider supporting the transformation of the surrounding environment, the introduction of other industryState there are certain risks. "Some shopping malls in order to improve revenue and traffic, the introduction of different formats, appears to enhance the flow of people, in fact, has lost its home store essence." In his view, store or professional to do the professional thing, only a professional can provide consumer stores by industry-leading cost-effective household products.

   clearly positioned itself to avoid a crisis to achieve a win-win

   Industry insiders said that in many home stores, in addition to specialized in selling furniture Soft suits based stores, most of the rest of the home store business building materials, in terms of brands, or products on display, and even the distribution of the floor are quite a number of similar cases, for consumers, we are more willing to trust some of the higher profile veteran home store. The rest of the home store in order to attract popularity, get results, will also be launched From time to time promotions, discounts, rebates and other activities, hoping to take advantage of the price advantage will gather over consumers, in fact, these home stores due to the type of goods and homogenization, in order to rely on activities to boost popularity, it is far from being able to withstand competition. Therefore, regardless of format or not to meet the new cross-border, home stores should have a clear position as soon as possible, try to avoid product homogeneity, so as to avoid a crisis, a win-win.

   In short, cross-border businesses still have to choose carefully. For water purification emerging industry, it is necessary to accept the baptism of new things, but also a traditional conservative ideas, continue to make breakthroughs, to go further.

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