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  Water is the source of human life, people living without water. With the national industrial development, water pollution situation had become worse. The national mainstream media have also been reported in turns, its current situation shocking. Professional data show that my country currently more than 80% of rivers and lakes are polluted to varying degrees, irrigation, drinking water etc residents affected to varying degrees. Healthy drinking water more and more difficult, and therefore water purifier by many people of all ages, which gradually into peoples lives.

   industry chaos, water purifier penetration rate is still low

   With the gradual increase in market demand for the water industry, many companies are competing to enter the water purifier market. According to incomplete statistics, the number of domestic water purification industry enterprises reached more than 5000, the outbreak of the water purifier market, but also makes the industry chaos. Not only water purifier price differences, product quality is uneven. Process service personnel Victor water purifier market during the inspection, we found such a problem not only in many small and medium sized water purifier brands, some traditional home appliance brand of water purification machines also exist, product quality and after-sales service is difficult to ensure that these issues are restricting the healthy development of the water industry. Here again we have warned consumers choose brands, select the products to be rational, not spent a considerable price, the last hit bailer, for their own is the best.

   How to choose a water purifier, the core technology of the most critical

   regardless of any products, the core technology is a product of the soul is more important for water purification products. Good reputation on the market to the current water purification machine, for example Victor, Victor has been focused on water purification technology research and development, and joined forces with a number of institutions and companies, joint research and development in line with people drinking habits of water purification products, grafting space technology used in the main components of the water purifier through five filters make the water really achieve "seven-star" safety standards for drinking water, purer water, water and more sweet.

   In the Victor 5 water purification filter art, the cross-sectional area of 鈥嬧€媡he inner and outer layers PP filter using the golden ratio, Patent PP meltblown filter preliminary filter raw water, filtered sediment, impurities, colloid, suspensions and the like. Precision high surface area carbon particles more than 3 times the conventional activated carbon, water flux over 30% more effective, more good water can be produced per unit time. Activated Carbon precise cutoff accuracy, improve performance pollutant, deep adsorption filter water color, odor, heavy metals andOrganic matter and other harmful substances, improve water taste. The core technology RO reverse osmosis membrane filtration, water purifier using Victor import Dow RO membrane (Dow RO reverse osmosis technology was first used in the United States Aerospace Science and Technology), the removal of very minor impurities, heavy metals, soluble solids, bacteria , viruses and other harmful substances all, only retain water molecules and dissolved oxygen, the water pure.

   Victor clean water since entering the market in a short time, then by virtue of technology, brand reputation, quality of service, stand out from the many brands, has become the field of water purification and quality of service synonym. Victor water purifier to ensure user safety of drinking water, but also set an example to the industry manufacturers, to promote enterprises in the industry to think about how to get potential customers Qing Mei. In essence, a business core competence or quality and service.

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