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   HC net water purifier water purifier there necessary to install, has become the focus of controversy. Many people believe that there is no need to install a water purifier, which is more than silly money will do things! Water purifiers really do not need to install it? Lets take a look at the role of the water purifier!

   First, water purifiers can help purify water, reduce pollution levels in the water, lets drink some of the water pollution!

   Second, drinking water purifier can help us, especially the family, office buildings, schools and other areas, drinking water is not convenient, with the water purifier, rapid thermal cleaning, let us drink a few seconds to pure water!



   In short, the water purifier can be achieved through internal filter, one by one interception substances in tap water, purification principle is scientific proof, but also practice surface, water purification the role is no doubt! In other countries, the water purifier penetration up to 90%, some of purification techniques and principles, the same used in water plant, water After initial disinfection, have reached the required standard to every home, but a variety of factors will be halfway cause secondary pollution of water, so the terminal healthy drinking water, water purification needs help!

   no need to install a home water purifier, then you need to do just that:

   First, confirm the home water reached the required standard. Here is qualified factory standard tap water, then boil so you can drink! This test requires a professional, rather than looking at the water clean, is considered to be qualified!

   Second, make sure the water has been in use are safe, because not once qualified, qualified is considered permanent, water security requires constant!

   looks so very easy to do, in fact very difficult, ordinary families can not be able to do professional testing, unless it is to contact professionals, secondly, from time to time to monitor the water quality and safety, in addition to water companies have such system, the average family can not do! Moreover, that water plant water quality, there is no guarantee always qualified, also need to continue testing, sampling, factory qualified national tap water can not be hundred percent, so more do notMention the family!

   Therefore, if you really can do two things, determining eligibility and water safety, then there is no need to install a water purifier! After all, water purifier a few thousand dollars, as well as the annual filter replacement costs. Money to spend wisely, if tap water is not safe, or detect water pollution is serious, the water purifier and the health of thousands of dollars compared pales!

   At present, home appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, are needed to enhance the quality of life, and the water purifier is to enhance the quality of health, the need for practical and far more than television, washing machine and air conditioning! Therefore, the future is bound to become the fifth largest water purifier appliances, a necessary product family!


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