What is PC material cup

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   PC plastic cups, mainly polycarbonate, a material referred to as a PC, the PC plastic cups fifteen general, the human body does not cause some harm, is in line with national health and safety standards.




to select the cup, we pay more attention to is the quality of the cup, but the cup used in the process does not produce some toxicity, but also we are more concerned about is the more common plastic cups a cup, when used in plastic cups, we also observed different materials of plastic cups, plastic cups PC material, that is, we often see, then what is PC material cup it? PC plastic cup in the end security unsafe it? 2020-06-04 go, as we explain in detail.


PC is used mainly polycarbonate plastic cup, simply referred to a PC, which belongs to a molecular chain of a polymer containing a carbonate group, an ester group according to the structure can be divided into aliphatic, aromatic aromatic, aliphatic - aromatic and other types. Because wherein the aliphatic and aliphatic - aromatic polycarbonate lower mechanical properties, which limits its application in engineering terms. Doing with PC material goods, have fatigue resistance, in which the national health and safety standards, is a kind of substance it will not cause harm to humans odorless and tasteless.


to select PC material plastic cups, under normal circumstances is not an accident, we are in the process must master the use of the water temperature, high temperature hot water if it is selected, the plastic itself will prone to aging, will have some plastic taste, although the use of plastic cups PC material, preferably mounted warm water, PC material mainly used in electronic appliances, as well as optical illumination, plus medical equipment, also includes machinery and equipment so these aspects, you can also apply some dinnerware.


By the above, can understand the use of PC plastic cups, here to remind you: PC plastic cup, after all, is a plastic material, it must be correct to use PC plastic cups, if you use properly, will naturally form a toxic, the body will cause some harm, the use of PC plastic cups, try not to install too high temperature hot water, otherwise it will directly silver plastic cups unpleasant smell, can also cause plastic the aging of the body will cause some harm




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