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   water to pay water charges, which is a common approach to water management for many years, and from this month, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei water units and residents pay their water bills will be changed to pay the water tax. This "fee" and "tax" word, marking the water resources in some areas of tax reform has entered a substantive stage of implementation. Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, and together, to become the countrys water resources tax reform pilot, and the first to enter the "tax time" use of water resources in my country.




to become a pilot country in Zhangjiakou, Hebei water resources tax reform (Photo from Internet)

   tax reform will not increase the burden on residents of rational use of water

   [ 123] water resources tax reform, for the average residential water users, the cost burden mean that from this increase? reporter learned from the parties concerned, the water tax levy, the original standard of water resource fee is reduced to zero. Overall, the new levy will not increase the tax burden on residents living normal production and rational use of water burden.

   According to reports, the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Water Resources jointly issued the "Interim Measures for water resources tax reform" to further clarify the water resources of the taxpayer, the tax formula, the standard applicable tax, and tax time tax relief and other aspects of the case contents.

   water tax is imposed from the amount of taxable, the implementation of differentiated tax rate standard to distinguish between sectors and regions. In addition to special sectors of water and agricultural water, direct access to surface water units and basic personal translation by the water resource fee for the water tax. General access to water for actual water consumption levied taken to set minimum tax standard, horizontal surface not less than 0.4 yuan per cubic meter, the average groundwater is not less than 1.5 per cubic meter, in particular water taken from the standards applicable tax classification and government proposals submitted to the Ministry of Finance in conjunction with relevant departments for approval.

   This reform will surface water and groundwater into the scope of taxation, the use of water projects or facilities from rivers, lakes (including reservoirs) and groundwater direct access to surface water, ground water units and individuals for the water tax taxpayer. Taxpayers should be required to "Peoples Republic of China Water Law", "water permits and water fee collection regulations" and to apply for the permit.

   taxpayer water tax taxpayer occurrence time of day access to water. Water tax levied monthly or quarterly, determined by the competent tax authorities according to the actual situation. Not a fixed periodLimit tax calculation, pay-per-can tax declaration. Water tax levied by local tax authorities taxpayers location.

   Water resources management transition point to tax reform

   "This reform will be carried out by way of water resource tax reform to avoid repeating taxes levied on high-water industry, ultra-planned water and access to groundwater over-exploitation of groundwater in the area, from high-tax to develop standards and normal production and living water essential to maintain the existing burden unchanged. "for businesses with high water consumption, only the transition to energy-efficient direction, in order to reduce business cost.

   At the same time, units and individuals access to groundwater, the distinction between non-over exploited, over exploited in general and over exploited and internal and external public water supply coverage, developed a different tax standards. Hebei Province is one of the most water-starved provinces and water resources per mu per capita water resources are about 1/7 of the national average, and over-exploitation of groundwater over-exploitation of the total area of 鈥嬧€媡he country account for 1/3, Overdraft is the most serious. After

   the implementation of pilot water resources tax reform, through the establishment of a standardized fair, reasonable regulation, and efficient tax collection system management, conservation and intensive use of water resources Forced Forced non-utilization of groundwater resources to ensure water security for future generations, sustainable economic and social development.

   This reform is intended to give full play to the role of tax leverage to regulate strictly control excessive exploitation of groundwater, curb irrational demand, for specific industries, ultra-planned water, access to groundwater in public water supply network coverage and in groundwater access to groundwater over-exploitation of the region, according to a certain multiple of the water tax levied to encourage enterprises to rational use of water, forcing companies to broaden the industrial water way.

   Further, for the regeneration of water, water recycling, and water to give preferential tax exempt for the three situations limit access to water and other agricultural produce. Take the case of six small amount of water for the rural collective economic organizations and members of the collective economic organizations from the pond, the water reservoir, family life and free-range sporadic, captive livestock drinking, which do not impose resource tax.

   and more measures to ensure that the reform landing

   water tax reform scheduled landing in the city of Zhangjiakou, but around the reform of the work is still far from over. Zhangjiakou Municipal Local Taxation Bureau to the task in a highly important political task, unify our thinking, concentrating on organization and implementation. Local conditions, to develop a "ZhangjiakouLocal Tax Bureau of water resources tax reform work plan "to guide and coordinate water resource tax reform. The establishment of policy coordination, business training, on revised data, technical support, comprehensive publicity departments, detailed responsibilities and close coordination to ensure smooth, orderly conduct.

   strengthen the training, widely publicized, it has laid a solid foundation for the smooth introduction. In strict accordance with the spirit of reform and meeting the requirements of pilot training session of water tax, carefully sort out relevant policies, Union City Water Conservancy Bureau thematic training sessions held water tax, water tax on the pilot policy, collection and management processes, completing tax returns, tax collection and management of water resources information delivery platform, standardized abstraction permit management training and so on. While home verification, patient and meticulous reporting process to explain to taxpayers, policy advocacy, good tax counseling.

   in the preparatory work, the tax authorities at various levels to fully rely on corporate tax QQ group, micro-channel group, the Tax Service Hall displays and other propaganda media, widely carried out in-depth interpretation of the policy, expand the "water tax reform "the depth and breadth of tax propaganda. The citys land tax system were set up in each hall dedicated water tax levy tax consulting posts, to ensure that each taxpayers problem solved in time, and actively create a good atmosphere and the reform of public opinion environment. (Source: HC purification network)

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