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deionized water and the water purification unit (i.e. domestic water) the principles are different.


1, pure water is subjected to reverse osmosis equipment means out of the water, 90% of the water is removed ions, including iron ions, cadmium ions, mercury ions, calcium and magnesium ions and other toxic and harmful carcinogens , and suspended solids, impurities, red worms, residual chlorine and organic matter, pp rust pretreatment by reverse osmosis filter and activated carbon filter device is removed. Drinking water is a safer, to a pure, as the loss of minerals and trace elements in water we can be supplemented by eating more vegetables and fruits. And now also the last filter some water machine is mineralization filter can effectively add some minerals and trace elements.


2, with the water purifier is disposed inside the water purifier, but not the same, single stage (a pp filter), two-stage (a pp filter, an activated carbon filter), three (two pp filter, an activated carbon filter), 1 + 2 + 3 is coupled with a main water purifier small T3 filter, primarily as the basis to improve the taste of the two-stage and three on the role, there was the ultrafiltration membrane ultrafiltration water purifier. It will have little effect from different, but still substantially remove impurities in the water, suspended solids, red worms, organics and residual chlorine.


I do not know whether the detailed explanation. I suggest that if you want to drink directly of household water use of water, but if you want to improve water quality for cooking, cooking, then you can install a water purifier.


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