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   November 22 to 23, the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee Secretary Moses led his unit to go to Dali Erhai protection supervision and inspection work management, field visits by high-tech environmental protection enterprise clean water source construction of the second Eryuan County sewage treatment plant. Wen Jianping, chairman of the clean water source reported clean water source involved in Erhai governance related outcomes to Moses, expressing the use of innovative technologies to achieve the confidence and determination to clean sewage discharge, involved nine plateau lakes Erhai protection of governance.



(Wen Jianping, chairman of the clean water source to the work of Moses secretary to report on the second Eryuan County sewage treatment plant)

   Xi Jinping, general secretary in January 2015 made inspection tour of Yunnan important instructions, must take the Erhai protect, so "Cangshan not ink Chiaki painting, Erhai no strings Wan guqin," the natural beauty of the world forever. 3 years, the Yunnan provincial government and all levels of cadres and the masses Dali keep in mind the exhortations to take drastic measures, rescue mode is turned on, take "seven action" to protect the full implementation of Erhai governance.

   ERYUAN Erhai Lake is the source of the county for the Erhai provided nearly 59% of surface water runoff, and its success in cutting pollution pollution control work or not, is the key to winning the battle to protect Erhai governance tough fight on other highland lake protection governance also has important reference value. Therefore, the construction of a clean water source Eryuan County (Erhai basin) towns and villages sewerage treatment works is significant part of the project - the second Eryuan County sewage treatment plant, Moses has become the focus of the inspection.

   It is reported that Eryuan County (Erhai basin) towns and villages, including sewerage treatment works were second Eryuan County sewage treatment plant, including six township sewage treatment plants, 53 with intelligent integration wastewater treatment systems (CWT) processing sites and supporting the sewage pipe network construction, clean water sources by using self-developed MBR process, water quality of surface water to reach class IV standard, greatly reduce the pollution load into the lake.

   In the second Eryuan County sewage treatment plant, Wen Jianping, clean water sources, reported using self-developed innovative technology for the first time "three-wide a high" project in Eryuan County to Moses that the village sewage treatment achieve full covering the results of the work the whole collection, full treatment and high standards of water at the same time, a detailed report on the clean water source to be adopted new water craft innovative technologies MBR-DF double membrane, will enhance the sewage treatment in Dali, as well as Yunnan Province to surface water 鈪?classNine plateau lakes protection management (lakes and reservoirs) standard, such as Erhai help achieve a qualitative leap in the technical program.

   It is reported that the newly developed clean water source bis MBR-DF membrane process fresh water, to a membrane bioreactor proprietary (MBR process) and ultra-low voltage nanofiltration (DF process) as the core, ultra-water net, which will reach the surface water quality is better than 鈪?class, the technology and the remote distance water transfer, has obvious advantages in ecology, sustainability and economy.

   At present, the technology has been applied in Beijing, Dianchi Lake Basin District and other places, and male security, demonstration projects, including a new water plant in Beijings Haidian Green Lake, Kunming Luo Garonne pilot demonstration projects to enhance water quality, sewage Erhai Jinsuo Island treatment station, which marks the successful operation of ultra-purification treatment of sewage reached the world advanced level, provides breakthrough technology choice and support in order to solve our water pollution and water shortages.

   Wen Jianping, said the next step, clean water source will follow the instructions of the secretary of Moses, to mobilize all the resources of the company, for the full build Eryuan County recycling plant new double membrane water technology demonstration projects, so in May 2019 DiBiao to complete the 1st class 鈪?surface water (lakes and reservoirs) standard tasks. The future will be fully involved in the work of Dali mentioned standard water quality and the whole of Yunnan Province, unswervingly boost Erhai nine plateau lakes protection and regulation achieved significant results in the thirteenth Five-Year period, which will also protect the national plateau lake governance provides a good example and learn from experience.

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