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   Due to Heavy-oriented enterprises on the urban environment pollution, most of the factories have been moved to the base in rural, industrial water discharge cause serious pollution of water sources in rural areas, coupled with rural farms planting site a class requires a lot of use fertilizers, disposal facilities has not improved, water pollution in rural areas has been seriously can no longer serious. Rural consumer demand for water purifier ever before, the proportion of home appliance industry in the rural economy has also increased year by year.

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   In many peoples minds, and these words are a symbol of rural life in the city "iPhone", "online shopping", "water purifier" and not take the community, that still use the kitchen still mountains firewood. In recent years, China is promoting the construction of new rural market, the rural market is further activated to continuously improve the ability of rural consumption, the rural population has begun to get rich the city into the rural home life, and in fact, as early as February 2009 1st of, national three ministries in the country the official promotion of home appliances to the countryside to work. According to the National Development and Reform Commission statistics, the state promulgated the "five-second" during a series of policies to stimulate domestic demand, benefiting the majority of second and third tier cities and rural areas, the rural consumer market tremendous future potential. The water purification appliance industry as a star nature is seeing a huge cake rural market. Faced with such a tempting piece of cake, how to cut it?

   at first to open up the rural market, a firm foothold, need to first correct understanding of the complexity of the job market in rural areas. my countrys rural vast, sparsely populated, thousands of years of consumer psychology and habits is not completely wash away in a tide of goods in emerging economies. First: we should go to understand the psychological needs of farmers. Compared with the city, the demand for different products of rural residents, high-grade, high-performance universal requirement of urban residents and rural residents more welcoming single function, quality and low price products, emphasizing the actual value of the product, rather than very concerned about the value of the products and spiritual experience. Thus in product design, to note that the special nature of rural residents consumption, production and transfer of rural consumers more heart operations to the second product:! Rural consumers mostly thrifty type, price is affecting rural consumers purchasing decisions an important factor in behavior. Therefore, product pricing should be based on full consideration of internal and external factors, not just based on cost may be, but also a measure of market demand conditions. Try to make it inexpensive to win, not cutAt the expense of product quality for low price. Third: the laying suitable for rural distribution channels and marketing strategies, dispersion of the rural market, less commercial outlets, for which production and management can work with local commercial enterprises, by joining chain, agents, sales agency and other forms, to establish their own direct sales system or the principal-agent system. Nurture and build a familiar feature of rural marketing team.

鐖变匠灏斿噣姘村櫒锛氬啘鏉戝競鍦烘槸鍑€姘磋涓氱殑鈥滈噾灞扁€? src=

   the development of rural water purifier will make the rural drinking water is resolved, so that the countrys economy better and healthy development, to solve the drinking water problem in rural areas is a water purifier manufacturers should have responsibilities. Water industry is a sunrise industry, should not only see now should look to a better future, while the rural market is awaiting the development of a "Gold Mountain."

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