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   survey showed that nearly two years, health and safety issues for people living and drinking water has given unprecedented attention. With the popularity and increasing health consciousness, peoples drinking habits gradually changed, from bottled water, bottled water, to water purifiers, the pursuit of healthy drinking water has become a trend.

   secondary water pollution, are not suitable for direct use, storage handling of bottled water since the presence of the same secondary pollution, and place a long time after opening not fresh, the option to purchase a home water purifier has become ! but in fact inevitable trend, domestic water purifier penetration rate is not very high data have shown that a water purifier penetration in each country:! 1 USA 90%, Europe 90% 2, 3 in Japan. 80% 4. South Korea 95%, 5. China is only 5%. Well, this is why it? How to improve the penetration rate of domestic water purifier it?

   universal water purifier road is long, - M has been trying!

   1, household water purifiers industry started relatively late, incomplete standards, lack of supervision. Market mixed brand, this is quite a mixed bag every industry there are sick and can not be avoided, but in some cottage industry, home water purifier brand concept of frequent speculation as "ecological water", "activated water" and other acts really hateful, difficult for consumers to discern .

   In general, consumers choose a home water purifier, brand and price are in the first place. At present, the country has a home water purifier brand more than 5000, most of the production of small and medium enterprises, the market is difficult to gather a common goal. Hua Kang focus on the production of water purifiers for 17 years, the industrial park covers an area of 鈥嬧€媙early 2,000 square meters, is not only a production workshop, as well as R & D labs!

   2, consumer household water purification products seem strange, because of the household water purifiers lack of understanding, often too much attention when buying the brand and price, while ignoring the maintenance of post-use issue, after using satisfaction is low, consider home water purifier little practical value.

   overall popularity of home water purifier, how far, Hua Kang pointed out that only with the increase in consumer understanding of household water purifiers, the demand for household water purifiers will be further released. So, we have to towards household water purification industry of technology, centralization, specialization, brand development, the formation of a unified quality standard, sound and sustainable development can be healthy and rapid sustainable, and - M has been moving in with this goal in!

   3, hysteresis service. Because unlike other home appliances household water purifiers, can do a sale, the user during use, the need for regular replacement of filters, to avoid secondary pollution. In the entire water purification industry, such as Hua Kang has a good handful of six-star service of the manufacturers, the majority of domestic manufacturers currently fall far short of this requirement and level.

   In addition, employees professionalism sheet P is not high, Household water purifier practitioners difficult objective and comprehensive understanding of the industry, but can not effectively guide consumers to purchase awareness and purchasing behavior. Consumer fear of product quality and functionality issues, concerns afraid aftermarket filter replacement, so the consequences caused consumers "do not dare want to use use".

   4, because the field of home appliances household water purifier is the only remaining cake, an annual increase of household water purifier manufacturers are still rising, many of which are no health documents relating to business, resulting in uneven quality of the product is not together. In September 2016, the State Administration of Quality Supervision sampling of 100 companies in water purification, unqualified enterprises accounted for nearly 70%.

   product quality problems, it is a big market hinder the development of the water purifier. Product quality problems, but also in water purification technology is relatively backward, truly independent research and development capabilities, to master the core technology of manufacturing companies only a handful. Hua Kang water heater manufacturers to ensure that the flow through the markets 100 percent qualified products. In 2016, Hua Kang water purifiers because of the strict production, also won the QES Management System Certification (QES is ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001), is the water purification industrys first and only won QES management system certification of enterprises.

   universal water purifier road is long, - M has been trying! Water pollution problems have prompted increasing awareness of peoples health, water purifiers came into being, by the peoples attention. A new thing appears to be accepted from people must be tested over the long term, the number of people on the efficacy of most of the water purifier there is skepticism, water purifiers really work? I believe many of my friends will have such a question. Hua Kang water purifier experts responsibly tell you: ensure a useful

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