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  "Designed specifically for the Chinese water", which is a new concept Patio at the beginning of 2015 proposed. This indicates that the proposed concept, Patio ship "clean water carrier" has made it clear way forward in 2015, the first shares of injection of positive energy for the water industry.

   "designed specifically for the Chinese water quality," seemingly simple concept, but in reality not. Chinese security situation is not optimistic about water quality, water quality in different regions and different, which requires the Patio of the water quality systematic research, and local conditions to develop new technologies, introduction of new products, with rich product system to meet diversified market demands, thereby specifically implemented for the Chinese water quality design. By inference, the Patio is likely to continue in 2015, a big move, to bring more surprises for consumers of fresh water life at the "professional water purifier brand," the gold signs more dazzling.

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   consumer demand for the center is "designed specifically for the Chinese water quality," the true meaning

   Some experts pointed out, Patio "designed specifically for the Chinese water" concept, in fact, for the best interpretation of the "consumer demand for the center" concept. Because, is designed to, consumer demand for Chinese water quality were designed for different regions that the white water and opens up a water purification product customization era, so more water purification products fit the needs of consumers living water purification. Same can be said, to propose new ideas Patio, in order to better carry out its consistently adhering to the "struggle for human drinking water health" brand purpose.

   In a market investigation, many consumers reflect the potential demand for the purchase of water purification machines, but does not know whether the market for home water purification product quality requirements, thus misgivings. This attitude can reflect consumers from one side of the piece, "designed specifically for the Chinese water quality" concept is in line with the market and consumer demand.

   Patio innovation team members said, "designed specifically for the Chinese water" concept, the future of innovation put forward higher requirements. Patio further study of the regional water quality, and to establish an information data system, from which to explore the direction of innovation, technical feasibility studies, introduced to the different water quality of products so that consumers use the most suitable water purifier. Patio do that is conducive to the future development, but also help to improve consumer confidence in the water purification products, water purification products to accelerate the market penetration rate, to promote the overall development of the industry has laid a good market environment and atmosphere of public opinion.

   Broaden the business survival is "designed specifically for the Chinese water quality," the goal

   water purification industry veteran analysts pointed out that analysis, Patio proposed specifically for Chinas water quality design concepts deeper meaning, broken down by water quality , the water purification market system divided by the difference of distinctive features, to meet the different needs of water purification products and open up new markets, allow enterprises to maintain long-term vitality of innovation and momentum.

   At the same time, the analysts also believe that the water quality specifically for the Chinese design concept, and not just as simple to meet the different needs of clean water. Its market research, regional market management, brand creativity to enhance, upgrade service system supporting all aspects of content, can be described as indeed affect the whole body. According to this analysis, Patio wanted to help China design made specifically for water quality, to conduct a comprehensive business transformation and upgrading of the system work, in order to better adapt to the complex market conditions, improve brand competitiveness, this is bigger Patio "ambition."

   to Patio has always been strict and pragmatic style of acting point of view, it has done a fully prepared and confident to achieve this goal. When people in the industry to discuss, but also raises the question - under the guidance of "quality designed specifically for China" concept, Patio what kind of change will bring water industry, water purification to consumers with life What benefits come from?

   2015 continues, Patio "designed specifically for the Chinese water quality," the innovative work also continued, sooner or later there will be the answer to the above question, perhaps tomorrow.

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