Restart not using the water purifier attention to whamrs

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  Universal water purifier to ensure that our drinking water health, water security problems have eased the head of our hearts, but the process using a water purifier, there are many of our daily no way predictable. For example, the family has not lived another suite, and water purifiers already installed; another example work on a business trip, travel, family relocation, and so on. To enable more consumers to know how to make better use of the water purifier, that may be due to various factors which led to a long time can not use a water filter, which need to pay attention when using the restart it? 閲嶅惎闀挎椂闂翠笉浣跨敤鐨勫噣姘村櫒 璇ユ敞鎰忓摢浜涗簨椤? width=

   1 flush water purifier

   reboot with the water purifier, the purifier needs to clean, if only three days without use, the rinse is about 3-5 minutes. If more than 10 days or even longer, the need to flush more than 15 minutes until all of the remaining water until the rinse.

   2, open outfall

   prior to the restart, it is required to open the first discharge port, the sand, rust discharged water purifier avoid blockage, no water or water smell.

   3, if necessary, replace the filter element

   [a long time as six months or even longer without] use a water filter, the filter will lead to loss of filtering function. Water purification filters should be cleaned to test whether there is clean water after the cleaning effect, decide whether you need to replace the filter according to the purifying effect.


閲嶅惎闀挎椂闂翠笉浣跨敤鐨勫噣姘村櫒 璇ユ敞鎰忓摢浜涗簨椤? width=

   4, turn off the water intake

   water purifier unused for long periods, turn off the water inlet valve to avoid because the water pressure caused by too much off the faucet while lead to water leakage accident, resulting in unnecessary losses.

   5, backwash water purifier filter

   does not use

   a month or more water purifiers, internal water purifier filter can breed bacteria and mold, to avoid secondary pollution, re-use recommended that the filter cleaning all at once. After rinsing along if poor water quality and the water is too small a situation, it is recommended purifier backwash.

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