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   Brands water purifier wholesale manufacturers, how to add fresh water purifier! Household water purifier has gradually risen to a national topic, wholesale brand water purifier manufacturers have become the focus of investor attention, water purifier market has become truly a Red Sea market. Water purifier which brand? How about water purifiers? Water purifier how to add fresh water? Other search more and more! Is part of consumer questions, the other part is to join the agents of doubt! In more than 5,000 brands wholesale water purifier manufacturers, the water purifier franchisees and consumers how to choose high-quality water purifier brand become a problem! so water purifier product quality factors are what it?



   well brand water purifier materials manufacturers wholesale

   depends largely on the quality of the water purifier water purifier material from the material to the membrane See, PVC film material more ductile wire, plasticity, it is not liable to be broken, the PAN fiber material of relatively rigid film, differential plasticity, hydrophilicity is relatively low, it is generally of high quality water purifier will choose alloy OVC do ultrafiltration membrane silk. RO reverse osmosis membrane mainly rely on imports, and therefore not very different, but the water and waste water flux than there are differences, like brand water purifier wholesale manufacturers add fresh water RO membrane pure waste water ratio of 2: 1, the traditional raw water utilization 1: 3 three times or more, to this RO membrane-based water plus fresh water machine ROB400 more popular.

   brand water purifier wholesale factory production environment clean and hygienic

   In the sampling CCTV joint quality supervision department, the water purifier Sicheng failed, mainly due to the production environment for compliance, due to the wet production environment, save imperfections and other factors, activated carbon is easy to breed bacteria, in the production process, workers illogical operation will form a secondary pollution. In the production environment, wholesale brand water purifier manufacturers add fresh water purifier invested heavily in the introduction hundred thousand clean production workshop, to protect the safety of the water purifier itself.

   Fresh water is added hundred thousand clean workshop

   brand water purifier wholesale factory inspection process

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   purifier production factory itself also determines the quality standard of water purification,If the standard is low, it requires the production of low-quality water purifier good to go natural, high standards and high demand products natural fly much. Wholesale brand water purifier manufacturers add fresh water purifier water purifier as a national standard, "household and similar ultrafiltration water purifier" and the industry standard "household and similar uses reverse osmosis water purifier," the drafting and formulation units, long-term adhere to high standards of production, in the production process, arrange for professionals to guide workers and sampling, completed production will also use professional testing equipment for water purification testing, qualified before packaging. Take ultrafiltration membrane silk, the root of a film containing thousands of silk ultrafiltration membrane, if more than five yarn quality issues will be on the entire membrane scrapped, this is the factor determining which services ?

   build brand water purifier manufacturers wholesale service system

   terminal services system perfect, both for water purification or for the franchisee consumers are very necessary. Water purifier as the need for secondary maintenance products, sold in the future also require regular maintenance, which is an important source of profit, and thus establish a sound service policy can enhance the user viscosity, so that secondary maintenance can proceed smoothly. Brand water purifier manufacturers wholesale perfect service policy, for consumers, is naturally able to protect their own interests, long-term protection of the normal operation of the product.

   brand water purifier manufacturers wholesale service team building

   team building is especially important for water purification franchisee. Wholesale brand water purifier manufacturers can team building, visits from the start shopping guide, transportation, installation, and can be more than one job, it can be carry out their duties, but the professional can not be discounted. As water purifiers top ten brands of fresh water added to help agents build a professional team aspect is quite a lot of effort, not only free training for agents in the headquarters of knowledge, but also accredited professionals on the front line market agents and relevant personnel on-site guidance, more sales support, installation assistance and a series of practical operation of the demonstration.

   service division of responsibilities

   water purification services to be clearly defined powers and responsibilities, some of the water purifier manufacturers in the previous agreement, sale problem taking on everything, after the signing of the agreement would be a different attitude.Therefore proxy franchisee in the water purifier division of responsibilities must not be careless! Wholesale brand water purifier manufacturers of fresh water is added to the service policy makers to establish joint service system, general questions franchisee handled separately and then focus on underwriting, lifting both service response time but also save delivery costs, product quality by the headquarters of quality, research and development, sale and co-processing, for each product are also insured to further protect the interests of franchisees and consumers.

   In general, water purifiers, water purifiers franchisee manufacturers inspection time, to thoroughly examine the production line, believing, nowadays seller selected when selecting the product, and not choose some low-cost out of products in order to impress consumers in the pre-sales. Enhanced viscosity customers with high quality services, strengthen the reputation of the construction, in order to gain more referrals and sales opportunities in the secondary market in the latter part of the competition.

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