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   on the glass in the end there is poison in question, has been well received by the peoples concerns, the use of ordinary glass, does not produce toxic under normal circumstances, the main raw material for the production of glass related.




recently reported that McDonalds glasses sold is due to oiled body can cause adverse cadmium, so that when people use this glass creates a phenomenon poisoning. So many people are afraid to go to McDonalds to eat something, then what ordinary glass poisonous? Glasses range is relatively wide, for people living among us, it is our first contact with the glass, but it is reported that after one we are more concerned about drinking small family has deep knowledge into our daily lives. Below, please, as we explain in detail ordinary glass toxic it.


poisoning usually lead crystal glass and glass coated glass pigment. Glass coated with toxic paint though of colorful glass to give people a pleasant feeling, add a lot of fun for our lives. However, a colorful fast-paced world in glass, but contains harmful or even toxic elements, heavy metals such as lead, chromium, cadmium, nickel, copper, manganese, and arsenic, fluorine, chlorine, sulfur and other non-metallic.


In industrial processes, the release of these elements, gasification, air pollution, water, so as to cause harm to humans. Wherein such glass coated with cadmium-containing pigments, but also irritating to the respiratory tract, long-term exposure can cause anosmia, gums become the macula or yellow circle, cadmium compounds are not easily absorbed in the intestine, but may be breathing is absorbed by the body, accumulate in the liver or kidney harm, especially to the kidney damage is most obvious. It may also lead to osteoporosis and softening.


crystal glass toxic: and because the lead crystal glass containing lead, if used to hold water or acidic beverage, the lead glass will dissolve in water after encountering the water, when the acidic beverage package because the reaction with an acidic substance to induce harmful toxic substances.


above us is about the glass in the end have not read ordinary glass, mainly based on its material or to decide the. In the identification of glass, we also need to pay attention, be sure to meet the drinking water of good health cup, so as not to cause some damage. Here we suggest that you:When buying glasses, it is best to regular professional large supermarkets to buy, not glass body will cause some harm, as long as we are able to choose the right glasses, the right to be able to use glasses, it will not cause bodily harm.




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