Shi Ende how to install faucet water filter

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   water purifier now in our lives is very extensive, especially Shi Ende faucet water filter, faucet water filter Shi Ende then how to install it? Let Xiaobian to brief under the bar.




safe water faucet water filter do? The answer is yes safe, which may filter the water purifier parasites, and other suspended sediment contaminants effectively remove bacteria, algae, dissolved chlorine and harmful heavy metal ions (lead, cadmium, chromium, etc. ) for the vegetables, wash rice, cooking, soup, tea and so provide a safe, healthy drinking water, but also to wash your face, brush your teeth to provide clean wash water, the following Xiaobian to brief Shi Ende faucet net water is how to install it?


Shi Ende from independent innovation brand Zhongshan Bao Tao Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd., a comprehensive listing of products in 2010 and incorporated in 2014 in Zhongshan City, Shi Ende purification equipment. Export company has ten years of production experience, product quality has been recognized by the majority of customers at home and abroad, the products are exported around the world. Enterprise has been praised relevant government departments, are rewarded Zhongshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the company is steadily solid, booming trend of development and growth.


Shi Ende has a wading license, trademark registration in Germany, and has a number of leading core patented technology, to promote "living water of Germany, Enze million" slogan, one-stop solution of household water pollution problems so that millions of households to spend real quality health pure water. Not only that, excellent product features, giving users a personal experience, sweet tea water, skin bright, radiant and healthy.


Shi Ende products with original design and excellent performance, with advanced technology and high quality as the basis, to improve the modern family living water their duty to promote the concept of a new fashion healthy water. Shi Ende choice is the choice of high-grade, high-quality, high-end enjoyment of life experience.


By introducing small series above, in fact, Shi Ende brand of faucet water filter is still quite good, you can buy, while reminding everyone for their own and their families can drink safe water, learn some knowledge of small household drinking water is essential.




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