Super simple, Walter purifimaintenance just two sps!

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  Super simple, Walter purifier maintenance just two steps! Publish Web Site: Published: 2016-12-08

   Many times when we buy things, especially as this water purifier requiring maintenance of appliances, that they will consider in advance what will be afterwards maintenance not a lot of trouble. Walter also aware of the problem difficult to maintain a water purifier, improved more details on the basis of the original, so that the maintenance of water purifiers into a simple two-step!


sewage two-step


open the drain valve / sewage water tap


flushed for 10 minutes

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   is not very simple? Turn on the tap a few minutes to easily complete the sewage, water and sewage can also be used to mop the floor, water the plants, is not a waste!

   Why should the sewage water purifier?

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Walter water purifier filter principle

   If there is no sewage water purification function in a variety of harmful substances in the water to intercept viruses and bacteria will accumulate in the filter again, and so not only easy to breed bacteria, viruses, resulting in re-contamination of tap water, the effect will also affect water quality effluent.

   we can be likened to a filter for dirt to collect trash can, every time the filter will leave some garbage, if not drained, then filtered water is always flowing through these dirty It was this picture unthinkable.

   At the same time, and often some punch to sales performance deceive consumers, said water purifier filter does not require replacement or a long time without replacement, Walter can conclude this: basically a lie!

   Lie 1: water purifier is no need to replace the cartridge.

   whether water purifiers or air purifiers, as long as there is life of the filter is not necessary to replace the filter does not exist, replaced regularly in order to better ensure the safety of water quality.

   lies 2: water purifier filter life of up to several years.

   First, filter life and related materials, the filter is not able to use a few years!

   General reference data for the filter life, PP three months cotton filter, activated carbon filter 6 months, 1 year the RO reverse osmosis membrane, an ultrafiltration membrane is 1 to 3 years.

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