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   In more serious water pollution today, many people are afraid of water pollution caused by fear, therefore, household water purifiers become a favorite choice of maintenance of household water. But most consumers are only concerned about the water purifier brand, but ignored the maintenance of this issue, that the election of their own to the water purifier installed at home can once and for all. In actual fact, household water purifier must be in the use and maintenance, can be more safe and efficient operation of water purification can be guaranteed. Xiao Bian recommended six tips to help you easily maintain your water purifier.



   1. After the water purifier is installed, not to move freely. Because the mobile water purifier may make internal parts damage, affect the operation of the machine.

   2. The replacement length of time the water purifier. Any of a water purifier filter must be changed regularly, each by a different water purifier filter, but each filters life and not the same. When purchasing a water purifier, ask filter usage time to time need to be replaced promptly replaced.

   3. The water purifier should be placed away from direct sunlight. Due to direct sunlight, the filter inside the bottle may breed blue algae, this substance is harmful to the human body temperature is too high, it is best to get a water purifier sun block facility.

   4. Household water purifiers periodically flushed. Overnight use water purifier, when the next day the first use should be rinsed, household water opportunities for automatic washing, more convenient. When travel for extended periods, should close the inlet valve, before using them again to rinse.

   5. When the amount of the water purifier hours, usually because of the small water pressure or filter clogging caused. If the problem is because of the pressure, collective residential buildings may be caused by water. If the filter is clogged, please replace the filter.

   6. When the leak found home water purifier, to close the inlet valve, and then notifies the factory for process water purifier.

   maintenance of good water purifier, will bring cleaner water for your life, effectively protect your health. No matter how busy life, but also do not forget to do maintenance to your water purifier Oh!

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