Water pollution hazard for pregnant women not imagine recomm

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   water contamination can cause miscarriages and birth defects of water pollution is one of the people can not be ignored ecological problems

  . At present, the major water pollution from industrial sewage, agricultural production of pollutants (pesticides, fertilizers, etc.) and domestic waste. Contaminated water containing heavy metals, carcinogenic and teratogenic inorganic compound.

   "Pesticides can lead to fetal malformations." Meng Anming example, three women working in a Florida tomato field in birth defects are birth children. That is due to their work site in the tomato growing season spray 30 kinds of compound, which comprises at least three kinds known to affect the development of highly toxic pesticides, i.e., metribuzin herbicides, fungicides mancozeb, insecticidal agent avermectin.


   "heavy metal contamination can cause miscarriages and birth defects." Meng Anming said data show that in the Gulf War was heavily bombed the central Iraqi city of Fallujah, the proportion of miscarriages and birth defects increased substantially, baby hair, etc. lead, mercury, uranium content in tissues is much higher than unaffected war countries and regions.

   In addition, in peoples daily lives, as well as major environmental pollution and food contamination drugs, including pesticide residues, toxic milk powder, cooking oil, poison bean sprouts, poison yuba, tofu poison, poison leek, toxicity bread and other food illegally added a so-called "food additives" of inorganic and organic toxic compounds or biologically active substances, such as hormones and antibiotics. "Pregnant women and infants above-mentioned food once eaten, is likely to suffer from a variety of diseases such as hematopoietic disorders." Meng Anming also, for example, is a sleeping pill thalidomide the late 1950s and 1960s are widely used, calm agents, dozens of countries due to pregnant women taking the drug led to tens of thousands of children with disabilities, was later disabled; if the mother drinking during pregnancy will hinder the development and growth of the fetus, resulting in a unique face, small patches of neurons and brain damage structure and cause problems such as physical, mental or behavior; people during the children, adolescents, the nervous system is still in development, so that children and teenagers should not drink.


   Many people think that to boil water must be as long as possible, so as to fully guarantee does not threaten our health after drinking. So often after the water boils, many people are willing to continue cooking a few minutes. Doctors Tip, but this approach will increase the risk of cancer.

   Some expertsReminder: chlorine in the water, after heating will become trihalomethanes, the presence of water vapor inside the large number of inhalation may be suffering from bladder cancer, and even face the risk of miscarriage in pregnant women.

   boil tap water containing chlorine drink, less safe: Select either chronic poisoning, acute poisoning or selected; if the third option is to install a water purifier of the


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