Russia to introduce China advanced -water purification core-

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  Russia to introduce China advanced "water purification core" technology Hits: 5295 Published: 2015-11-07

   liters chairman Chen Lianggang 2020-06-08 excitedly told reporters: the company has achieved from product export to technology export leap.

   let Chen Lianggang feel excited and proud of what happened in October 22 this year. The same day, liters and Russia Ecolos Corporation signed in Beijing, Russia decided to build a total value of over a billion dollars of water purification facilities, the provision of quality drinking water for residents.

   liters ultrafiltration membrane technology, Hainan is a business card. Strategic cooperation liters with Ecolos Group, is Chinas first enterprise membrane separation from the previous product output steering technology output.

  . "This is our way to participate in technology investment projects in Russia, shares accounted for three percent," Chen Lianggang said: "We are the worlds leading PVC alloy membrane, and a world in Hainan the largest production base membrane. "

   previously, liters ultrafiltration membrane and its products are widely used in municipal water supply, exported to Japan, the United States more than 70 countries and regions, over 2 million home users, Coca-Cola and other Fortune 500 companies also liters customers.

   cooperation will be registered this month to set up a film production technology, water purification equipment joint venture to provide all the equipment and technology by the liter, a PVC alloy membrane, PVDF membrane and related film production equipment, the Russian side is responsible for the management, operations and sales; million people in Russia 5000-10-scale construction of water purification facilities in the region. The project investment amounting to billions of dollars, is expected to exceed three years before the construction of 110 water purification stations, there will be Wuliubaiwan residents to drink high-quality drinking water.

   Although Russia has nearly a quarter of the worlds freshwater resources, but aging water pipes and wear very serious. By the end of 2013, Russia announced support for the water treatment industryProgram to encourage the introduction of foreign advanced technology, in the domestic construction industry, high-tech film production companies.

   liters of rapid growth, both related to the enterprises core competitive, but also inseparable from national and provincial government to encourage and support high-tech industry.

  . "All along, all levels of government to give us tremendous support in terms of funding, policy and other" Chen Lianggang said: "liters in rural water improvement project in Hainan opened a drinking water treatment Hainan mode, Hainan tax paid annually to about 30 million yuan. "

  " the core of liters of water purification technology exports to Russia, indicating that the provincial governments high-tech industry encourage and support policies are in place, and it is necessary "Yangtian Liang, deputy director of the provincial Science and Technology Department, said:" innovation is to enhance the competitiveness of Hainan powerful driving force. "

   in recent years,. driven by "all the way along the" strategy of Chinese enterprises "going out" pace faster and faster, and gradually achieve the output to change from product technology, capital, services output, to achieve the overall upgrading of the industrial chain. The cross liters, exactly conform to this trend.

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