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   In recent years, with the enhancement of environmental awareness and improve peoples living standards, water purifier more and more peoples attention, and the water purification industry as a service industry, its development is inseparable from the consumer experience nature style needs. American futurist Alvin Toffler predicted: The next step is to service the economy experience economy, businesses will win experience by providing services. Then, water purifier companies how to create high-quality services?




water purifier sales do not increase how broken "experiential marketing "predicament Bureau (Photo from Internet)

   from the" user experience first, "the goal is still a long

   so-called experiential marketing, is the use of three-dimensional means, literally moving consumer , prompting consumers desire to own the product, thus achieving sales equivalent to provide a comprehensive real feel for such a beautiful way of life.

   I believe we went into the water purifier sales of hypermarkets have this reflected: hybrid brand of water purifiers and more full of them, no representative of consumers seeking taste, quality, elegant or noble atmosphere. Consumers shuttle which can only be confusion, doubt and confusion, the initial desire to buy greatly reduced, resulting in sales and we talk about?

   store layout to move towards specialization

   After some stores , I found the store a detailed description of the product is far from adequate, and some stores do well, try before you buy can be provided, so that the consumer products can have a complete, detailed understanding and impression. Product also comes along with a detailed specification of price, material, designers, product number, origin and other product information. This will enable consumers really buy with confidence.

   can say, buy a water purifier is actually at the spiritual level of consumer spending, which also create an excellent consumer experience made requests. If you give consumers more value-added, they will be more likely to stop sales of natural meeting go.

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