You can not buy water purifier thinks

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with some of the water is easy to exchange the water purifier buyers, find a lot of reasons for consumers to buy is a little do not trust tap water, to buy a can of water purification Water Purifier. But because little is known about water purifiers, great variety, different functions of the product and also let them doubting, you can only buy one thinks, "advertising how to say, on how the letter." Therefore, some of the water purifier sales staff will promote the function was marvelous, "he says not only has the health care function, but also to treat a variety of diseases", for the purpose of selling water purifier.


Water is easy to know that there has been no complete water purification products industry standards, national standards are still under development. Therefore, the current quality of activated carbon, functionality and security there is no clear evaluation system, resulting in domestic water purification industry cohabitation become a "disaster area." In this regard, the water is easy to solemnly remind consumers of these products just business concepts of self-hype, consumers should not be misled by businesses, blind purchase.


In many cases vulnerable to mislead the consumer shopping guide staff, purchase goods, and there is no quality problem, but turn out of the water purification may not meet their own needs, do not say a waste of money, not yet reached to truly useful for their own purposes.


Water is easy to advise consumers to learn proper water purifier knowledge can really make good use of selected water purifier, to drink good water purposes.


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