White vinegar can scale it to thsteamer

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   steamer generation after a long time scale, this is a common sense that we all know, is very difficult to remove, some people say you can try white vinegar, following Xiaobian a look at white vinegar can scale it to the steamer ?


Water is steamed buns and other steamer pot of water left, steamer water directly to drink it? In fact, I can not drink, water containing traces of nitrates, when the water is heated for a long time, due to the continuous evaporation of water, the nitrate concentration is relatively increased, and it becomes a thermal decomposition of nitrite. Steamer will certainly be a long time scale, and the scale is difficult to remove, then white vinegar can go steamer scale it?


We are aware of the main component of the scale is calcium carbonate, the acetic acid in vinegar will react therewith, to produce water-soluble mineral substances and carbon dioxide gas, generally supermarkets can buy vinegar, 10% of the kettle into the scale of white vinegar, then filled with water, boil placed about an hour, then scrub it, vinegar can be, but the effect is not vinegar white vinegar good.


boiled potato cleaning: put more than half pot of potato, filled with water, cook the potato, boil it later, it will not scale the plot. But pay attention to the kettle boiled potato, do not scrub the inner wall, otherwise it will lose the cleaning effect. For the scale has been flooded with the old kettle, cook a second using the above method, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, and can play a role in preventing re-plot scale.


In addition to soda scale: Usually steamer heating plate is made of aluminum, when the electric kettle boil, it is easy to form scale, generally we can put a teaspoon baking soda, boiling a few minutes, the scale addition. Or may be poured at a concentration of about 1% sodium bicarbonate 500 grams of water, shake gently rinse, to remove scale.


boiled eggs Descaling: Usually steamer, with a long plate-Hardness addition, as the last two eggs cooked with it, will receive the desired results, the two slightly crumble egg shell, means into the vial, then into Banhu water, stirring with a stirrer or spoon, and then boiled, about half an hour, pour the shell, and then water rinsed twice can.


The above is small series describes several methods to remove dirt for everyone, we believe after reading quite understand how these dirt should be removed. In fact, small way life is the need for this, plain and simple. Remember everyday lifeSome families drinking little knowledge of their own lives is very convenient, without further ado, immediately clean their water storage appliances it.




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