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   water we use every day, from the water plant out, usually to go through many procedures to enter the home, adding chlorine disinfection in water is usually the last process, chlorine is put into the water, and bacteria in the water takes place, can play to better disinfection.

   but sterile, they often amount of chlorine remaining part, which leads to a sometimes we turn on the tap in the morning to smell the thick smell of disinfectant, namely chlorine.

   chlorine on the human body

   chlorine enters the body, it will irritate the eyes, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract, etc., caused by acute pulmonary edema, can paralyze breathing zone nerve at high concentrations, if long-term human inhalation of low concentration of chlorine can cause chronic poisoning.

   If the human drinking water containing chlorine can lead to heart disease, coronary atherosclerosis, anemia, bladder cancer, hepatoma, colorectal cancer, hypertension, and allergy symptoms.


   02 Coffee drink with chlorinated water

   After the boiling water containing chlorine, water, chloroform and other carcinogenic substances will increase, if the residual chlorine is not removed, our daily consumption of coffee, tea, soup, after heating, the body of carcinogens will increase 3-4 times.


   03 chlorine water containing vegetables

   chlorine will destroy the fruits and vegetables, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in the grain, seriously affecting the bodys absorption of nutrients.


   04 water bath containing chlorine

   of the total

   bathroom Forty per cent of chlorine gas is inhaled through the respiratory tract, are absorbed by the skin into three, it is usually enters the body through the drinking 6 to 8 times in the chlorine, the light resulting in itching, severe increase in the risk of cancer by 30%.


   05 unique propagation mode

   When a child bath with tap water, to produce dry chlorine make the hair breakage bifurcation, but also make the skin bleached, and peel off the skin allergy .

   When the interaction of chlorine and organic matter such as sweat, likely to cause ambient air nitrogen trichloride, easily damage the eyes and throat, lungs after inhalation by chlorine, respiratory cell damage, easily lead to asthma and emphysema.


   06 chlorine affect on pregnant women

   pregnant women, long-termDrinking tap water contains chlorine, and cause fetal heart, lung growth impact, may also lead to neonatal arrhythmia and pulmonary dysfunction.


   love family, from harm caused by chlorine, household water purification, the source of machine, RO RO kitchen water purifier, a single smart filter cleaning water 3: 1 ratio of micro waste, hazardous filtered water substances, resorted to water to drinking water standards.

   (Source: Ann source of water purifiers public number, invasion deleted)

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