Water purifier accessories common faults and solutions

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   any appliance during use, always fails because of various reasons, the water purifier is no exception. How to handle water purifiers failure? Now, Xiao Bian give you a brief introduction of common water purifier accessories failures and solutions.




water purifier accessories common faults and solutions (Photo from Internet)

   First, the high-pressure pump does not start, not fresh water

   [ 123] check whether the power plug is plugged; check whether the low pressure switch failure, not power; check whether the high-voltage switch or a water level controller malfunction; check the transformer, the fuse is burned.

   Second, the high pressure pump can not work properly but the fresh water

   The high pressure pump loss of pressure; pre filter plug (no waste water or waste water of small); clog check valve (waste water, no water); solenoid valve failure, can not effectively open; whether the RO membrane fouling.

   Third, the high-pressure pump non-stop

   is less than the high-pressure pump pressure, of less than the set pressure; check valve blockage, no water (no water waste water) high-voltage switch failure can not jump; solenoid valve failure, can not effectively open.

   Fourth, the high-pressure pump is stopped but kept waste

   solenoid valve failure, can not effectively without water; inspection methods: closed pressure tank valve, such as waste water still can be identified as the failure of a solenoid valve) ; there is a case, and then close the inlet valve is opened, if the machine is normal, it is determined that excessive pressure, resulting in closing the solenoid valve can not be flexible, the adjustment is considered to reduce the pressure explain total water); relief check valve, (small waste) (inspection methods: closed inlet valve, such as waste water still can be identified as the check valve relief).

   Fifth, the machine filled with water repeatedly starts

   is less than the pressure of the raw water; relief check valve; high pressure switch failure; system drop in pressure.

   VI bucket full pressure but not flowing clean water

   Pressure relief barrel; post carbon blockage; pressure barrel ball valve damage.

   VII insufficient water flow

   Pre-filter clogging; a pressure less than the high-pressure pump; the RO membrane fouling; wastewater ratio imbalance or not related flush switch tight.

   eight, water and wastewater serious imbalance in the ratio of

   Checking the rinsing solenoid valve is damaged; check for clogging or the proportion of waste water too conduction; check RO membrane fouling or serious decline removal.

   IX rinsing machine stop

   than waste or failures. Rinse the beginning no tight.

   X. noisy


   to check the original water line without water, causing booster idling, resulting in water purifier noisy; whether Attorney raw water is normal, if a water tower, whether there is water gas; check whether the booster malfunction, excessive vibration, friction and other sound check whether the water purifier placed firmly; check whether water is too long, pump vibrations make the water boiling hot water tap to check whether the cabinet cause excessive noise ; check the compressor is normal.

   XI leakage

   Check the water water machine, find the leakage point; small Unicom check for leaks; check for leaks dispenser; if the leakage is very small, is not easy to check and to be dry facial tissue for testing.

   When the water purifier failure, must immediately deactivated. According to more than 11 kinds of fault correspondence check, if it can not resolve, should promptly contact the relevant service maintenance staff, can not disassemble the purifier Oh!

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