The Consumers Association to teach you howo choose a good wa

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  The Consumers Association to teach you how to choose a good water purifier? Publish Web Site: Published: 2017-03-28

   In recent years, along with the air quality, water quality and soil change, water purifier has become in many essential household appliances. But how the overall product quality status?

   The Consumers Association released the results of a comparative test of 40 water purification products show: water quality samples of drinking water are in line with our requirements, but there are differences in the water quality of different types of water purifiers, heavy metals, volatile organic compounds and inorganic significant difference purification efficiency.

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   The results show that after 28 indicators of lead, mercury, chloroform and other test, generally water processor (paragraph 22) and purified water processor (paragraph 18) two samples, typically water quality in comparison with the corresponding processor raw effluent water (i.e., water), the value changed little, but the water quality of pure water processor sample index value much smaller than the value of the raw water. Comparative test results indicate that the substance is a reverse osmosis water purification water contains fewer, more pure water.

   report that the test can be seen by the comparative test results, the water quality is generally limited processor capacity of heavy metals in the purification. If you need to remove heavy metals, usually using a special way of purification. If consumers have special needs removal of heavy metals in water, after-sale technical recommendations of the Advisory personnel, whether to meet demand by increasing filtration unit or otherwise. Pure water processor in general can effectively filter heavy metals in water.

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   In addition, the results also showed that some samples purifier lack the necessary parameters and instructions. If not marked "rated total net amount of water" (water purifier filter water is the highest that can be processed), you can not know the time to replace the cartridge, continued use may have a "secondary pollution" harm to consumers of drinking water .

   reported that, by examining the description and the flag tag of 40 samples, five models found not explicitly rated total net amount of water; paragraph 2 does not expressly rated net flow; paragraph 2 samples without reverse osmosis nominal consumption power. In

   Consumers Association stressed that buy water purifier is not expensive enough, cheap on benefits. 6:00 and made consumer tips, namely: to confirm the type and purification capacity, demand to buy cost-effective products; confirmation health permits, certificates or relevant test reports; confirmation of the productEnterprises declared confirmed removal;; with instructions (instructions and plate) before use, if the cleaning methods; cost understand, confirm service capabilities.

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