Xiao Bian analysis- why home water purifier market prices va

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   water purifier in my country has broad prospects for development, is in great demand. But now, the water purification industry brand shops, a variety of price also varies, many people say that hundreds of pieces can also buy a water purifier, why spend big a few thousand dollars to buy it? What exactly is today the situation is causing it? you for your thorough analysis of today to explain why the price of the water purifier market vary, the quality and price parameters times uneven?


   water purification technology is not the same

   the core component is the filter purifier, according to the different degree of filtration, the current can be divided into water purifier ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis into two categories, since the RO reverse osmosis water purification equipment is used in reverse osmosis membrane filtration technology, trans permeable membrane is a permselective membrane, 0.0001 micron filtering precision can be achieved, it is possible to intercept harmful heavy metal ions out of the body, and the scale that may cause gallstones dissolved in water, and heavy metals such interception, scale, bacteria, after the contaminants become concentrated water is discharged raw water is retained for drinking water molecules, water can enter the human body, can be absorbed by the body is retained, it can not absorb the excreted with metabolism, therefore, the net RO water equipment "in vitro kidney" in the world. Water uses ultrafiltration membrane filtration techniques is relatively low precision filtration membrane, only reached 0.01 microns, suspended solids, particulates, bacteria and the like can be entrap macromolecules, retain beneficial in trace elements, which may prove to be reverse osmosis technology leader in ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis water purification will naturally be more expensive.

   quality supplies

   water purifier material is the key to price gap opened. As the water purifier heart of the "filter" is the key to ensuring the drinking water. Good is not good filter water purification process depending on the product. Currently on the market is a multi-use water purifiers PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration membrane, RO film to remove impurities in tap water, bacteria. On the filter, the majority of brand water purifier using a hydrophilic food grade PVC material, its excellent overall performance, stable quality and performance wading timber full compliance with national standards; and some no-name water purifier of environmental non-compliance is poor properties of materials, upon contact with water will be filtered to produce odor or ineffective. So the quality of consumables also affect the price of the entire product.

   brand strength influence

   As the saying goes, big brands, trusted. Doors should increase online and offline advertising efforts, increase brand visibility, O2O dimensional marketing, as well as the public good word of mouth publicity for the dealer to lay a reliable guarantee. Now we buy products, a lot of time, but also look at the companys product brand, so that a companys brand strength, but also one of the reasons the factors affecting the final price differences between products.

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