Water purifier sales in the 13 hidden rules

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   1. The sales psychology hidden rules

   鈶?customers want is not cheap, was an advantage.

   鈶?not argue with the customer price, the value to be discussed with the customer.

   鈶?no wrong customers, only bad service.

   鈶?sell what is not important, important is how to sell.

   鈶?not the best product, only the most suitable products.

   鈶?not sell goods not only sell not ship people.

   鈶?Success is not luck, but because there are ways

   2 sales psychology hidden rules

   customers ask:? A business and you have what comparative advantage

   If youre in full flight, you have fallen into the trap of evidence

   recommend asked:! you ask, certainly understood the a product, you think hes what aspects make you most satisfied, ? Why

   answer is completed, then before you calm and said: I fully understand, these functions we also have, in addition ......

   sales pole rich creativity, is a profound knowledge, it is a combination of an art working knowledge of marketing, psychology, eloquence, performance studies and so on.

   Therefore, the use of both hands is labor; use of hands and mind is helmsman; the use of both hands, mind, and soul of an artist; only the use of his hands, mind, soul plus the legs is qualified Seller.

   3. Sales psychology hidden rules

   In the United States, Wal-Mart supermarket, beer and diapers are put together to sell, which makes diapers and additional sales of both beer.

   The reason is that the United States will ask the woman her husband after get off work to buy diapers for children, men will easily buy their own drink beer after buying diapers.

   thus formed so amazing sales results, which is five hidden rules associated cross-sell and sell ......

   4. Bargain the

   1 never before asking price, who should open who should die.

   2, the other side will never accept the initial conditions, who received who suffer.

   3, must be lower than the other bargainExpectations, do not kill a fool.

   4, dreaded law, let out his asking price too scary.

   5, select ready to leave, forcing the other party hasty decision.

   5. The most profitable character is persistent

   The survey found that 80% of new business to be in the same person playing the fifth phone to talk to.

   48% of telephone sales staff to play for the first time after losing a customer source.

   25% in the second play after the phone gave up.

   12% give up after the third fight.

   10% continue to call.

   most of these do not give up 10% of income earners precisely.

   6. How to sell the Black Pearl

   originally black pearl is not easy to sell, many people think they are bad color, and dark gray.

   Later, the businessman black pearls on Fifth Avenue windows, marked incredibly expensive; while continuing to advertise the black pearl placed in diamonds, precious stones against the background.

   In this way, I do not know the value of the original geometric things overnight is hailed as rare treasures.

   Practical Psychology of Selling:

   First: sales not want you to change others.

   Second: sales success depends on the goodwill of customers.

   Third: How to locate identity: Who is the customer who I am

   Fourth:?? Establish common beliefs and values, to be more of "us."

   Fifth: less "but" multi-use "simultaneously." .

   7 strong sales subconscious psychology hidden rules

   beach, friends and other scenes of enthusiasm beverage advertising often appears once in the scene, you will suddenly decide: I have to drink .

   Yale University Professor Bach said:

   sitting in a chair hard bargain will be more ruthless;

   to take the ice holding a hot coffee than cola friendly and generous people more inclined to think ;

   the interviewer will think that has a thick folder of the candidates more seriously ... totally unaware of focusing on people, they have been affecting what things

   8 week entrepreneur will do something 13

   1, the aiming direction;

   2, motivate the team;

   3, to transmit values; [123 ]

   4, at least 75% of the time spent on the product;

   5, data analysis;

   6, physical fitness;

   7, draw feedback is recommended; [ 123]

   8, leave the office contact with the real world;

   9, microblogging friends;

   10, master cash flow;

   11, standing investor point of view measure their work;

   12, be happy;

   love everything around you 13

   9 sales psychology unspoken rules: visiting clients to do three thing

   1, pay attention to your customers say, say every 45 seconds, we must mobilize customers say 15 seconds. And the other to maintain a rate of speech.

   2,3 minutes later, customers will find a range of interest, the topic to guide each other hotspots.

   3, to allow customers to remember their own unique characteristics, not the company, not the product.

   concerned about each others psychological expectations, personality traits, qualities and experience. .

   10 sales psychology unspoken rules: convenience store trap

   1, the best-selling beverages in the innermost stores: more shopping will let you;

   [123 ] 2, interrelated items to put together: inspire you need, so you buy more than one.

   3, there is always a snack before checkout: get you to buy things they did not originally want to buy.

   structure set up shop carefully placed to do everything possible to induce customers to spend more money.

   you usually do not find these secrets

   11 sales psychology hidden rules:?. Communication skills: customer complaints encountered how to do

   High EQ to resolve customer complaints gold? step:

   1, empathy, play, listen carefully to complain about the content;

   2, thanked and explain why attention to his complaints;

   3, wrong, apologize for whats right for the mood to apologize;

   4. The commitment will be dealt with immediately and make up;

   5, propose solutions and timetable, ask them to confirm; 6. satisfaction of doing things after confirmation.

   12. Why commodity prices is the last one

   than the price of a lower integer, called "magic price".

   For example, such a price of $ 29.99, psychologically are grouped into the category of more than 20 US dollars, while the price of the dollar (or more) of 30.00, were seen as something more than 30 US dollars.

   more than 20 US dollars seems to be much lower than the more than $ 3. .

   13 sales psychology: to get the customers five key points

   1, not into the store before the customer, brand and store locations are first pulling power;

   2 , into the store, the turnover rate is the key, more and more retailers at the door security counter is this consideration;

   3, the customer decides to purchase, joint rate or value-added is the key to maximizing sales; [123 ]

   4, after purchase, to study how to improve retention rates and shorten turn back time;

   5, how to tap the customer lifetime value.

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