Water to cook food steamer it

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   steamer is not directly drink water which is a basic common sense, in addition to not drink water steamer, the steamer water to cook food? Xiaobian tell you.




If water is boiled for a long time or boiling too long, decomposition of the nitrates to nitrites or heavy metals such water remaining in the steamer. Nitrite cause harm to humans, the steamer water directly to drink it? Through the above description may know steamer is not directly drink water, of course, then the steamer water to cook food?


retort water contains traces of nitrates, when the water is heated for a long time, due to the continuous evaporation of water, the nitrate concentration is relatively increased, and it becomes a thermal decomposition of nitrite, so this steam can not drink the water pot can not cook or burn porridge.


Water is a human life, an important and indispensable substances, people can get along without food but can not get water, but not all of the water is drinkable, following the water in some degree the formation of nitrite and other toxic and harmful substances, the body will produce some harm, so pay attention to.


1, aging water: commonly known as "dead", i.e. prolonged storage immobile water. Often drinking this water, for minors, make cell metabolism slowed down, affecting their growth and development; it will accelerate the aging of the elderly;


2, thousands of boiling water: boiling on the stove water for a long time, as well as electric water heater repeatedly boiled water. High water heavy metals such as calcium and magnesium, and nitrite content. For a long time to drink this water, it would interfere with peoples gastrointestinal function, a temporary diarrhea, abdominal distension; toxic nitrite will result in the body by hypoxia, severe cases coma and convulsions and even death.


3, not open water: drinking water is not boiled, bladder cancer, 21% -38% probability of colorectal cancer.


4, re-boil water: it was customary in the remaining warm water thermos re-boil and then drink the purpose of water saving, when economizer (gas), sect. However, this "savings" undesirable. Water burned and burned, the moisture evaporated again, nitrite will rise, this water drunk, the accumulation of nitrite in the body, cause poisoning.


By Xiao Bian introduction of this article, we should be clear water steamer can not cook food, but can not drink, can not drink water in addition to the steamer, the water is more than 4 do not drink , drinking on the bodyThe harm is very large, so we have some more family requires little knowledge of drinking water is very necessary.




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