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  Lay home water purifier into ten million family behind: the artisan spirit polished product

   home joy marketing activities carried out in full swing across the country, home to product marketing people pleasure one by one to the customer, which is not only Lay people recognized family, but also recognition of family pleasure products, and behind home water purifier into the joy of millions of families, is carefully polished artisan spirit products.

   What is the craftsmans spirit is a product of every detail, every process is carefully polished, excellence, constantly striving for perfection and the ultimate idea of 鈥嬧€媍lean water. Apply economic experts Wu Xiaobos words, artisan spirit is: do the rice cooker, make boiled rice capsules crystal clear non-stick pan; do hairdryer, make hair blown dry and silky; do a kitchen knife, make every housewife leash, easy effort; do mug, allowing each traveler to drink a hot water in the snow ..... pleasure for home water purifier, is to simply let everyone province heart health drink water.

   in the product development stage, home pleasure top R & D teams work together to continuously improve and optimize the product structure

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   in product testing stage, each filter, each component must undergo a rigorous testing

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   in the production phase, with GMP standards using food grade pipeline, wading member must be cleaned using disinfected dry, sterile operation and international standards: HACCP safe food, beyond SSOP hygienic standard operating procedures.

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