Water supply pipes mainly formed squib

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1, uneven settlement and displacement pipe: pipe particularly large diameter pipeline construction, poor foundation treatment, soil compaction is not buried pipeline or tube bridge junction to cause uneven subsidence; the existing pipe laying near deeper sewer construction or other structures, to cause radial displacement of the pipe; drainage downhole pumping the pipe is subjected to lateral force, etc., are such that the sink and the side duct in the scrolling state. Household water purifiers 2, the filler pipe connections too hard, too rigid: a rigid tubular body interface in a line, when subjected to lateral thrust, by the tension of the socket, the socket is compressed, and the compressive strength than the cast iron pipe tensile strength 5-6 times as large, so, typically a small pipe fracture tube body, then the socket pipe and medium-sized crack exclusion. 3, multi-burst pipe causes of winter: the use of rigid pipe interface, because of the cold shrink the pipeline, the interface is often tension generated leakage in the winter, when leakage occurs in the early stages, due to the small amount of leakage, difficult to find , the interface back and forth as temperatures rise expansion and contraction gradually leaking exudate ground. Therefore, the warm weather, increased leaks, that is the reason. Further, the continuous leakage of water into soil, resulting in the pipe foundation soil erosion, soil deformation, causing uneven settlement pipeline, if not timely detection and repair will cause squib future. 4, pipe, tube quality problems: the number of burst pipes per year up to a continuous pipe cast iron pipe, type of pipe there are many problems in its production processes. 5, vandalism: With the acceleration of economic construction, urban construction ongoing, especially the increasing number of road expansion project, during which due to the construction unit and the water company approached ineffective, the official website of the municipal water supply do not understand the position, coupled with improper construction treatment, often resulting in broken water supply pipes. Such situation is more serious. 6, change the nature of the road: In recent years, various cities in order to ease traffic pressure on the old city to widen roads, especially in some cities will become green belt = dismantle bus lane, fast lane or the slow lane becomes . The water companys large-diameter pipes are generally laid in the green belt or slow lane, and the pipe to bear loads and depth are carried out according to the original design of the nature of the road, heavy trucks rolled pipes will inevitably lead to uneven force, squib appear. Household water purifiers 7, network operation mode and schedule changes: With the rapid development of the city, all the citys water supply coverage is constantly changing, along with its network operation mode and scheduling changes,Resulting in pressure distribution pipe network changes, the emergence of burst pipes. 8, pipeline construction quality: basic aspects pipeline, casing, protection, transfer, etc. by insufficient attention in the construction process, buttress masonry is not standardized.

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