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   Today, surging power development business areas, consumers can stay at home choose to buy their favorite products. However, the water purification industry in terms of logistics channel construction, store management and after-sales service is still not perfect, way electricity supplier development is bound to suffer from the impact. Then, water purifier dealers if they wish to join contact with this piece, water purifiers joined the agency how to do? I believe that the water purifier to join the dealer to enter the field of electronic business, the need to master the skills, only make full preparations to promote the development of the electricity supplier channels.




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   "cheap impulse sales" water purifier shop speculative survival

   by "cheap" impulse sales, not water purification products the way to go. In fact, not water purification products in the network marketing is wrong, but after being brought into the non-professional network marketing platform, just short-term profits, regardless of the long-term practice of brutal type of reputation to maintain, there is a problem. In response, many water purifier industry sources, in the past OCS water purifier brand, often short-sighted, explosive low-cost promotion, can not afford their own server, without distinction between online and offline products or combing, price confusion, after such and such, consumers feel more "do not trust and do not grasp."

   the face of the current water purifier online shopping environment, consumer after 80 Lin principle is: do not seek the lowest price, but for the cost-effective. Thus, take the "low prices" water purifier brand online shopping only temporarily attract some low-quality consumer, not to impress really know what they want, and there is a high degree of consumer groups to follow the brand. However, the truth is not known, whether it is in the well-known brand water purifier import shop, or on third-party online shopping platform, the name of various names were "crazy promotion" still abound. For a time, the first big "cheap" has almost become a water purifier online shopping keyword.

   the "crazy promotion" as the only way to OCS, which is groping for online shopping in terms of water purifier brand doorway equal astray. In fact, the "low-cost strategy" not only can not win the high profits for themselves, the brand will also affect future net purchase price of regular system and customer quality.

   "kill regardless of buried pipe" water purifier online shopping sale deletion

   anxious to do a lot of online shopping water purifier brand, product updates can not keep up, the pricing system is imperfect, logistics slow half a beat, because the preparationWork is not good, some brands to make the online shopping dross, tasteless gesture. Visible, brand-sale service is not in place, OCS is suicide.

   anxious "net", afraid of online competition after the fall of people, a lot of water purifier brand in the face of irrational and not cool at this fresh online shopping channel is understandable, but it goes on, final consumers still can not do anything. In this regard, the industry said, some of the water purifier brand is indeed "a little anxious," succumbed to temptation short-term impulse sales, but can not support its own operations once sold, it can not be bound to good service consumers, but also to bring their own problems. But apart from consumers and brands, water purification equipment, water purifiers stores also become another victim of online shopping "test the water". It is reported that the last two years, the proportion of complaints to purchase problem of high water purifier store network, many consumers in a variety of internet purchase water purification products, once the sale or delivery and installation quality problems arise, is not the first to find brand, but the store reason, the consumers original words: "? 脳脳 brand in stores where there are shops, stores do not look for whom" To this end, water purifier brands also advise, if your sales and after-sales service is not in place, do not rush OCS best, otherwise it will cause trouble to others.

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