Small and medium enterprises vulnerable wat purifi market is

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   At present, the development of water purification industry as a whole showed a trend of steady development, as people gradually raise awareness of environmental health for life, to water purification industry brought some rebound, but the overall trend is still in the industry early stage of development, in addition, coupled with the accelerating pace of shuffling water purifier, some small water purifier business is in perpetuity, it can be described as the face of adversity to survive in the environment.


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highlights the vulnerable small and medium enterprises identify the water purifier market is very important

   First, small and medium enterprises vulnerable water purifier highlight

   [123 ] As we all know, our water purifier market in recent years only to rise, many big brand water purifier large influence on its own, high customer loyalty, profitability natural ability, abundant accumulation of resources and other advantages, seize the opportunity to launch "open big shop, open more stores, "the" big sweep "strong expansion strategy, continue to occupy the market share. The small water purifier company is constantly on the run, struggling to compete for the remaining survival and development. Faced with fierce competition in the market, where the way small and medium enterprises in the water purifier it? How small and medium enterprises to water purifiers to create his own one day?

   Second, identify the market is very important

   the so-called business survival, nothing more than the production of and products can be sold to consumers in the marketplace, so for small and medium enterprises, water purifiers, identify the market is very important. At present, my countrys second-tier cities most of the water purifier market is occupied by large enterprises, although not in saturation, but its strength is evident. Faced with this whole situation, small and medium enterprises want to own water purifier market to small and medium cities three or four lines. Although the three, four-city is not as big of a second-tier city market, but as the economy develops, people will gradually pay attention to water purifiers, water purifiers demand will continue to increase, therefore, three or four lines market potential is huge.

   Third, the "small minority" win "the public"

   water purifier for small and medium enterprises, in order to obtain a larger market share, we must first identify the market in one consumers, that is, from "small minority" begin to start looking. This requires enterprises to small and medium water purifier identify the target consumer groups, for specific consumer groups, design and production of specific products, so some consumers to obtain recognition. As part of the crowd and then growing part of the population, companies will eventually get their own consumer market.

   water purifier market competition, small and medium enterprises to understand the water purifier market and identify the target consumer groups, carried out step by step development and expansion, thereby expanding their own, in order to promote enterprise development and based on the market , to speak with a strong strength in the market is the real hero.

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