Water purifier brand choice related to growth deals ofn avoi

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   In recent years, my countrys water purification industry has entered a fast track of development, gradually increase the number of brands. It also attracted a lot of water purifier dealers to join, water purifier and water purifier dealers also formed a close business ties, but there are many water purifier dealers midway selected for a license, which in turn is the reason why it ?

   product: lack of core competitiveness

   "now there are so many new water purification business, competition in the industry is growing every year, but before I joined the brand strength is too weak, even in the season, business is very unsatisfactory. If so Hao Zhao lose money, as early for the brand. "a water purifier dealer said that as the first time joined the lack of experience, analysis of enterprise strength is not in place, resulting in loss . So, for dealers, product competitiveness is the key, only to have competitive products to attract consumers to your door.

   Communication: vendors do not exchange timely

   "The companys products for the new packaging did not tell me, just give me a direct delivery, and made me confused now reflect the usual questions. also do not hear, sometimes said to reply quickly, but waited and waited, and no one to contact me feel corporate attitude is very perfunctory, they are not taken seriously, done this year, I will change the brand. " a dealer said. Dealer Mr. Zhu said his encounter even more outrageous. "Once companies engaged in promotional activities, but they have just informed me a few days before the event, I also asked how many products to sell may be only a few days time, you told me how to prepare? Really angry."

   [123 ] support: implementation of the policy in place

   in addition, we understand that water filter companies do not keep their promises, earlier said that good support is not implemented, it is an important reason leading dealers to leave. "Not long after the contract, after a training organization, but then again nothing happened. In the training session and failed to learn the real thing, but to brainwash us, trainers desperately advocating how good business, to join us they will certainly be a very good business development. but the past year, I doubt there are many aspects of store operations. "one is hesitant to want to change the brand dealers said. Visible to support the implementation of the policy a great impact on the dealer.

   Industry experts view:

   Some experts believe that water purifier brand dealer to replace the equivalent of the second investment, risks and opportunities counterparts. If you are lucky, you can earnPours, but go astray, it may also result in the loss of a second, very difficult to have the opportunity to stand up. So, first we can take a positive response attitude, take the initiative to communicate with the company, saying the problem. If it can not solve the problem, then replace the brand, to seek better development, to limit the damage. In addition, the dealer should change the traditional concept of the old shopkeeper, positive publicity, such as through community promotion, online promotion, to develop multiple sales channels, so even if the companies do not support policies put in place, and he is able to obtain more good income.

   As for business, so expert advice is given: the relationship between companies and distributors is like a net, in order to better manage and maintain this network, companies must constantly be on this network sew, make it more robust, in order to achieve a win-win situation. If the dealer regardless of whether this network to wane sooner or later, is not conducive to the development of enterprises.

   Finally, experts suggested that companies can not just develop water purifier sales channels nationwide, and forget to maintain, at a loss. In addition, dealers can not patronize companies who find a cause, but also to look at their own problems, more cautious about the replacement of brand things.

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