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  Invest in a water purifier [] "nine years of sword, now zoom trick." Clean water source comes on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the listing, set off a nationwide "have to buy have to send" large-scale "nanofiltration" storm. June 18, 2019 to 2019 between August 18 date, clean water source to water purification designated stores, to buy a specified nanofiltration water purifier, you can enjoy free delivery cartridge 2 years of benefits. Quality water purifier, water purifier good experience and good after-sales service together together and let people drink safe water safe and healthy. 纰ф按婧愬噣姘村櫒涓婂競涔濆懆骞村簡 鈥滅撼婊も€濋鏆村腑鍗峰叏鍥? src=

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fit the needs of users to buy, the selection of fine recommended

   selected household water purifier not only affordable, more pay attention to the safety and health of water quality, at the functional level but also let users to use simple and convenient. The clean water source involved in promotion of two machines are used in the clean water source generation of low voltage selective nanofiltration filter patented technology, can effectively remove harmful substances in water, retained mineral elements, allowing users to safe and healthy water to drink; more low operating pressure, flux larger than the traditional water purifier about 3-fold saving, water saving features. Both products are also with water-saving valve, according to water quality, flexible and customized personalized solutions to drinking water, minimize water waste, saving water costs. Functionally use, these two products have a reminder feature lets you filter life daily drinking water convenient peace of mind.

   In addition, the clean water source nanofiltration water purification machines D601 also smart things together innovative design, the "high-definition big-screen leading + phone APP", you can keep abreast of the home into the effluent water quality and filter life, health see good water, good water to drink plainly.

   safe and healthy, smart and convenient, low-carbon energy, fit your needs for water purifier.

   2 years free filter exchange cards, not only affordable but also your peace of mind

   filter water purifier is considered the "heart", directly determines the water quality. Therefore, in order to keep safe and healthy water quality, the need for regular replacement of filters. During the event, the clean water source to buy have to send special launch preferential policies, the purchase of selected nanofiltration water purifier products, you can get five cartridges, allowing users to replace the filter 2-year zero cost.

   More importantly, the gift giveaways different from the traditional model given all at once. Consumers purchase you can get a filterExchange cards, when the water purifier filter needs to be replaced only by card exchange can be, not only eliminates the trouble of filter space, and allow at any time to spend with the latest batch of filter, because the filter to prevent placing too long expired further protect the user use water purifier water quality of safety and health.

   preferential activity covered nearly a thousand stores, Pratt & Whitney national public

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