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intolerable summer heat, many people will choose to drink plenty of water to ease the heat caused by irritable mood, especially for people outside the high-temperature operation, and many of these people would be to facilitate easy, it will directly buy a bottle of mineral water water to quench their thirst or another to carry a lightweight plastic cups to pick up water. In fact, this is a common health problem of drinking water. Recently, the three veins Network interview Beijing Institute of Public Health Director Professor Li Fuxing drinking water, he pointed out, is very particular about healthy drinking cups, we should abandon plastic cup glass ceramic cup and the best.


Speaking of the cup, has always been our Chinese people drink water most luxurious. In our ancestors when they were on the water is very particular about what you will drink a cup of tea with what, for example, with a glass of green tea, with purple kung fu tea cup, drinking tea is another cup, so we should uphold the good habits of our ancestors make healthy drinking water is common in all populations.


Professor Kai-fu Lee talked about, as we are now living habits more quickly, a lot of people heat intolerance afraid of heavy, many people will choose to hold lightweight plastic cups for this purpose, but in fact a lot of problems here head because now a lot of plastic cups will add chemicals called plasticizers, which contain harmful bisphenol a and antimony, these substances once diluted by water, the human reproductive system is influential.


Therefore, the three veins net suggestion, try not to use plastic cups in the water, and do not re-use plastic cups, this will aggravate the melting fluence of bisphenol A, for our entire reproductive system is very unfavorable.


Secondly plastic cup of tea is not good, because tea has a strong antioxidant activity. If the tea with plastic cups, then its oxidation resistance disappeared, the taste is not good, the taste is not good, bisphenol A and dissolved out, so more harm than benefit.


Now it seems, glass, ceramic cup, purple cup, etc. These materials are relatively safe cup to drink. Especially the purple cup, it can increase the activity of water, used for holding purple cup of cold water, the water activity will increase, it is consistent with the health needs of the human body.


In addition, not only plastic cups domestic and abroad is also very attention, are chemical, petroleum by-products, not energy conservation, so many foreign countries also oppose the use of plastic cups instead of glass used, so our drinking habits is the best glass, ceramic cups. But many at the time to pay attention to some of ceramic cup cup of grapefruit, wheneverWhen you see the little ceramic cup with bells and whistles, a good choice for the more simple and pure color, abandon too fancy, this multi-cup containing lead, heavy metals paint will pay attention to it. In addition, when the baby healthy drinking cups, plastic cups do not choose to avoid the child, so as not to affect the baby fold growth and development. Baby the best selection of glass and ceramic cup.


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