Strong Chinese demand for safe drinkg water purificationustr

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   With the improvement of urban residents to safe drinking water requirements, the Chinese market, the rapid development of safe drinking water industry. Insiders pointed out, has experienced explosive growth of the water industry market segment in progress, intelligence will become an important factor affecting consumer choice.

   in March 2014, the ministry released a national survey results show that China has 280 million potential safety problems of drinking water and residents. Many water sources in the country done research of the Eleventh NPC Environmental and Resources Protection deputy director Zhang Wentai Commission has said that, in addition to nearly 300 million rural population to safe drinking water drinking is not on the outside, about 50 million people living in the city nor drinking water standards, are likely contamination from the source to the water and then to all aspects of the faucet.

   Public reports indicate that, compared with developed countries, Chinas tap water is still low safety standards, the factory process is also prone to secondary pollution. According to statistics from Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, there are about 700 million people drinking water of E. coli exceeded 300 million people drinking water exceeded the amount of iron, 1.1 million people drink water with high hardness, 0.7 million people drink high-fluorine water, 050 million people drinking high nitrate water.

   with the economic level and raise peoples awareness of health and environmental protection, strong demand for safe drinking water of residents, Chinas water purification industry ushered in the explosive growth. "China water purifier industry status quo research analysis and market forecast report (2016 edition)" that, from the production point of view, the 1999 national water purifier production is only 60 million units, followed by average annual growth rate of rapid water purifier, 2017 China water purifier will reach 87.19 million units.

   future domestic water purification equipment market will maintain rapid growth, it has predicted that by 2020, domestic water purification equipment is expected to reach 100 billion yuan. Insiders pointed out that the current domestic large and small water purifier manufacturers over 4000, the annual output reached 80 million units, sales reached more than 30 million units. But behind this large data, but hidden vulnerabilities standards. Due to the lack of a uniform national standards to regulate the industry, product quality is uneven.

   The industry said that water purification equipment as an important part of home comfort, with the upgrading of consumer demand, as well as new brands, new technology upgrade will continue to accelerate the market reshuffle.

   benefit from the development of Internet technology, the current smart water purifierAlready on the market emerge, intelligence will become a new trend in the development of water purification industry, and its own networking technology and service advantages, promote the development of the pattern of the water purifier market in the future.

   wing cat Technology Liu Jun, founder of the media conference recently held in Shanghai, said safe drinking water related to the household. The traditional water purifier products main function is to purify water quality, due to the lack of real-time monitoring of water quality, filter "when to replace" and "how to replace" has been plagued by problems such as water purifiers users. In the case of family things and the trend of smart appliances, water purification equipment have become more intelligent application. Water purification system intelligent remote control application, to enhance the water purification process standardization, change the filter to achieve a reminder precise. Real-time monitoring of water quality and safety, can guarantee the security of household water.

   Insiders pointed out that the influence of the macroeconomic environment and the market continues to grow and other factors, water treatment equipment in 2016 the growth rate has narrowed. China water purifier industry opportunities and challenges, water purifier manufacturers need innovative technology, improve their product quality, higher value added products in order to avoid out in the industry reshuffle.

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