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   HC net water purifier sometimes wayward, to a color, people by surprise, because understanding water big impact on life, so water purifier to become the best-selling products in many areas, not only because water purifiers can help us, more importantly, can help intercept the tap water of harmful substances. So in the end it is worthwhile to install a water purifier? If you understand these three points, then you have the answer.

   first: understand the water quality in their homes.

   different regions, different water quality of tap water in different cells, tap water plant are checked before delivery to achieve the qualifying mark in the home, but in the transport process, there will inevitably be that, you can not tap water will be secondary pollution, therefore, faced with water pollution, some more obvious, water is not clean, the naked eye can see, so this time we need to understand some of the water quality, do not worry if you need to install a water purifier help filter, ease of contaminated water. If the water looks clean, running water is detected standard of health, you can choose not to install water purifiers. There is no need for a water purifier is also important to their homes, some people feel boil water trouble, will choose a water purifier, direct connection to tap water, automatic heating, hot water a few seconds, very convenient.

   Second: understand the purification process of the water purifier.

   water purifier has no use? In fact, we understand the process of water purification, we will know the role and advantages of the water purifier. Water purifiers typically by a plurality of layers of the filter to intercept, to reduce the water content of impurities, such as PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration and RO membrane filter, these types of main filter combinations, different combinations of the water purification filter, such as ultrafiltration water purifiers is to use PP cotton, activated carbon, an ultrafiltration membrane; and a reverse osmosis water purification on the use of PP cotton, activated carbon, the RO membrane cartridge. pp cotton filter and activated carbon are based, in general water purification are essential. And RO and ultrafiltration membranes are employed according to the type of products, the RO membrane cartridge clean high precision, high cost, clean tap water can be used when only pure water to drink, while the membrane is relatively low cost, does not produce waste water, purified water convenient and cook vegetables, traffic will be larger.

   Therefore, understanding these purification filter cartridges, we can understand the differences and the role of water purifier, whether in the selection and choose what type of water purifier, will not tangle!

   Third: Learn purifier cost.

   water purifier market price is generally between 1000-7000 yuan, the big difference is because of the different product types, filter materials and brand differentiation. Water purifier price is not cheap relative to many people, but after the purchase of water purifiers, water purifiers filter also needs to be replaced, then the long-term use, the cost of replacement cartridges can not be ignored, so consider water purifier cartridges cost about 100-200 yuan a year, because the filter should be replaced, if not replaced, it will affect the purifying effect, and even secondary pollution, water quality, which would also not worthwhile, so before you buy a water purifier, understand these common sense and I can understand the scope of the commitment, choose to select different price points purifier, of course, is to make the premise of this purifying effect.

   water purifier is to help reduce the impurities in tap water to facilitate our drinking water, so more of our own needs to choose. In foreign countries, especially European countries, almost every family installed a water purifier, whole house water purifiers in particular, to help purify water, convenient and safe drinking water in our homes. Water pollution is not a regional problem, but a global problem, excessive impurities in tap water is a common situation, so depending on how you to deal with. Water purifier is also a help and assist role, it depends on how you choose. Understand these points, understand water purifier to buy water purifiers, will go a long way.


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