You need to install water filters

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   need to install water filters do? Filters should be installed at that location is also very important, let Xiaobian to introduce it.




and our drinking water daily lives, the water will have a direct impact on our quality of life, how drinking water was safe? Is not required to buy a home water purifier was better point. Home water filters need to install it?


Xiaobian previously thought runoff water clean and eliminate bacteria virus is through water before, in addition to not drink other students should be able to use, always wash the fruit directly to eat, in fact, this is wrong approach, the fruit may not have had the virus, after the water washed there, and this is exactly how it happened? Containing water in the end what?


people should drink plenty of water every day, so the quality of drinking water is essential to human health, water quality is healthy, on the contrary will be endless troubles. World Health Organization (WHO) survey showed that water-related diseases remain a major health problem, 80% of disease and mortality in highly contaminated water with about 1/3, due to water pollution and sick people account for about half the number of inpatient hospitals in the world. 18 million children die each year, with about 50 percent of the deaths related to drinking water.


drinking water quality factors that may cause the disease can be broadly divided into three categories, one of pathogenic microorganisms, spread through water as a medium, causing the generation, propagation and prevalence of waterborne infectious diseases; or two is excessive insufficient various minerals, it may cause endemic diseases; Third contaminants into the water, including heavy metals, organic compounds and toxic substances, or pollutants enter the body through the water directly, or via the food chain into the human body, causing acute and chronic poisoning.


Usually a filter for drinking water, with the bath would not be filtered again it, it should be installed underneath the kitchen sink, Ann filters water becomes small, it is possible to install three or at the outlet pass, separated two hole, one after original tube took a filter, then the outlet end of the new faucet filter (if space conditions allow it), if not many places, it does not take three through, outlet filter took directly under the sink. There are kinds of simple type filters, can be installed directly on the tap, a simple connection, butThe effects are limited.


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