Outdoor Drinking Mache allows you to fall love outdoor swee

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  Outdoor Drinking Machine allows you to fall in love outdoor sweet! 2019-3-16 14:43:16

intelligent outdoor drinking fountain is installed in public places convenient for people to drink the basis of public drinking water facilities, it is a city tap water as source of drinking water, through a multi-stage precision cleaning sterilization after treatment, remove all residual chlorine in the water, bacteria, organic matter, chlorine, odors, impurities and other harmful substances, so that the water quality fully meet the state standards for direct drinking.



outdoor smart drinking fountains apply to the public square, landscape architecture, along with scenery, tourist attractions, walking street, streets, museums, luxury clubs, hospitals, luxury villas, schools public drinking water, residential and other collective drinking places. Public drinking water as a modern urban construction of public projects, both for the convenience of people drinking health drinking water directly outdoors to avoid urban environmental pollution caused by discarded bottles of various causes, greatly enhance the degree of civilization of the city. At the same time it reflects the spirit of a city highly humane care of implication, and help speed up the pace of urban construction with international standards. Therefore, public drinking water is the future direction of urban construction and supporting our communities towards humanity and green development.



intelligent outdoor drinking fountain water method: in front of the stage straight drink, as long as gently press the nozzle visitors the lead, the body slightly forward, head extends to the top of the basin, straight water will flow out parabola, lips not touch the waters outlet, instant water purification, sanitation and reliable. And then comes the faucet for water or drinking water cups visitors. Provide drinking water to facilitate the tourists, it will save water costs for visitors. Campus stainless steel drinking fountains direct drinking water Tips: 鈻?Do not direct contact with hands or mouth spray nozzles. 鈻?Do not throw trash in the straight drinking table. 鈻?Do not use drinking water for other uses. 鈻?Do not removed the drinking water faucet.



An energy-saving Equipment Co., Ltd. Nick Seoul after many years of accumulation and development, has been a minor celebrity in the country, public outdoor drinking fountains chose Nick Seoul safe drinking water equipment company. well, Nick Seoul An energy-saving equipment Limited production of outdoor public drinking fountains are based on the actual situation and the design of installations, can quickly solveOutdoor drinking difficult enough, the supply is not on, the problem of higher prices, Nick Seoul An outdoor public water dispensers advanced thermal conversion techniques / step-heating technology, and may be configured advanced five RO reverse osmosis purification means, can quickly protect water quality and health safety, the current system is to drink water, water taste fresh, bottled water reached the national standard.

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