Splitting water pipe caused by water can not drink red buses

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  Splitting water pipe caused water to drink red business helpless afraid of: Tim net water purification Views: 1223 Published: 2014-2-9 19:54:55 Recently, the tap water Blue Island Cannes cells suddenly turn red, and turbid, the owners are afraid to face such water use, I had to buy water to drink desperation. Late last month, Blue Island Cannes residential property official said, because the water pipe burst, the water mixed with the soil, leading to water turbidity. After repair, the current supply cell and back to normal, owners can rest assured that use. Middle of last month, said Ms. Wang, who lives in Blue Island Cannes, tap water at home suddenly becomes red, can not be used, then water and slowly became pale yellow, the face of such water, Ms. Wang did not dare use only to buy back water to cook. This situation continued for about four days, which is a big influence on the owners of life, she was very worried about a similar situation again, going to move out. According to the person in charge of the cell introduction, 22, a water pipe and Haidian six East Peace Avenue intersection rupture, resulting in water supply pipes of water mixed with some dirt, after repair, near seventy-eight district has returned to normal water supply. After testing the water company, the current district has returned to normal tap water, water quality and meet the standards, owners can rest assured that use. Faced with this unexpected situation, although accidental, but the impact on the lives of a very large, if the home is to install a home water purifier, will be able to completely change the water, does not affect life.

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