Plagiarism water industry wind Stopped

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   Recently, many consumers reflected the sale of water purifier on the market in addition to brand logo there are differences, the rest is almost exactly the same, and even some consumers have come up with two different brands of water purifiers for comparison. Comparison shows, both the appearance of the core or membrane process similar hundred percent. This same phenomenon is easy for consumers to produce an illusion:? These water purification machines are not all from the same manufacturer

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   water industry can be described as rapid development in recent years, except for some OEM water purifier manufacturers, almost all of the water purifier manufacturers are small workshops there is the phenomenon of plagiarism big brands, copying the style of sweeping the water industry, which is a first-class brands such as love good Seoul, the United States and other high-tech companies is to create extremely unfair.

   plagiarism hinder the development of the water industry

   In the huge temptation, many small and medium sized water purifier manufacturer abandoned the "R & D, production and sales of" traditional factory model. Because each develop a new product, need to invest the time and cost it is huge, has a market risk that may not optimistic about sales prospects.

   water purifier on the market today, some are imported from abroad, either through market research imitate the best-selling product on the market at present, which is more cost effective, attracted to emulate. Shenzhen Ai-chia Technology Co., Ltd. Seoul official said: "In order to continue long-term development of the water industry, which shares shall promptly to curb copying the style."

   plagiarism suppress diverse needs of consumers

   [ 123] with increasing water purifier brands, fierce competition, consumer choice will be expanded, and the level of consumer awareness and continuously improve the standard requirements, it will make those who are not core technology, poor quality water purifier lose market. Plagiarism has been used to factory level, once encountered strong resistance from the market and the brand companies, will be no other way out, it could lead to collapse.

   cottage, plagiarism objectively economy, to some extent, can play a catalytic role in the early development of the water industry, but also to meet consumer demand customers in all aspects, but in the long run, this is not conducive to business enhance the core competitiveness, not conducive to the healthy development of the industry good, but not conducive to the diverse needs of consumers. "

   plagiarism as suicidal, innovation is to survive

   water purification industry veteranSaid that to change the water industry "re-sales, create light", "the cottage, light original" preposterous phenomenon, water purifier manufacturers must establish the point of view of a "promotion of innovation productivity", and from the funds, staff on equipped to give strong support to give designers plenty of room, a full range of support from the job, benefits, work environment, or take mode of cooperation with brand design company, developed with independent intellectual property rights of water purification products. The end result

   "the fundamental source of long-term development of the water purifier business is the design and development, face increasingly complex market demands, blindly copying is being brought out of the market, to give up the business development fundamentally, undoubtedly harm than good roads. "All the water purifier manufacturers should look further ahead prize, only to see the immediate future of the road will lead companies unable to move.

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