What is the water purifier inlet valve

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   water purifier will be used to the solenoid valve, can be automated control of water purifiers, water purifiers what is the inlet valve below it take you to find out?.




The solenoid valve generally divided into pure water and waste water inlet valve solenoid. Computer control system and solenoid valves of the water purifier is connected to water purifier can automatically switch the valve. When water or rinsing system, while the high pressure inlet valve open operation of the pump; always in a standby or power failure, the solenoid valve is closed while the high pressure water pump is stopped, so as to achieve when the water is not wasted water machine is not working.


The primary role of water for the water inlet valve is controlled, at work, the inlet valve opened to let through the water; the stop when the solenoid valve is closed, cutting off the water, in order to avoid waste water steady flow.


Fault is pure water valve, the waste water flow becomes smaller, the inlet valve around an ohmic value of 90 [Omega], its quality can be measured with a multimeter, sometimes is inlet valve activated carbon powder stuck, resulting in closed lax, the amount of water is reduced, resulting in pure, very little waste occurs, as long as the open, can be cleaned.


purifier inlet valve replacement


to disconnect the water inlet valve to switch off the power supply. Screw open the machine housing is opened to expose internal parts of the inlet valve to locate the circuit portion disconnect the plug and breaking line connection ends, the bottom of the solenoid valve to remove the fixing screws removed, in the same manner replaced with a new solenoid valve is completed. Water again turned on, the circuit into operation. Replace the solenoid valve would be best to find the relevant dealer or aftermarket professionals as well.


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