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   The current epidemic, the storm Chinese building materials and home building materials dealer network to help each other, when a total of grams! February 28, China Building Material for the majority of dealers heavy groups launched a dealer members of the club, "chief sinks" in the industry is facing difficulties of playing a shot in the arm for the note dealer groups. "The chief sink" is specially designed by the China Building Material Dealer home building industry to create a membership service system and high-end dealers membership club will provide one on one exclusive butler service our dealer members subsidy investigation, dealer training, joined Hao Li and other members enjoy the service and seven days a refund speed, integrity and brand preferred and so worry-free business security services. Activities on a line, triggered a strong concern in the home building industry.



   Under insight into the plight of pain dealers need to effectively protect the interests of dealers

   as a dealer brand stores, "striver" terminal, to take up the enterprises and the whole industry, "heavy responsibility" for the development of the industry provides the backbone up. However, by the impact of the epidemic, home building materials dealers in the spring of 2020 particularly difficult, battered home terminal store operations, dealers are faced with tremendous pressure. In addition, originally intended to find dealers in the New Year are spring projects, but also due to lack of confidence in the industry and hesitant, confusion, anxiety arises spontaneously.

   In fact, quite the opposite. Under this predicament, often when the time comes opportunity. For the project to find the dealers, this time is enough time, you can compare a number, after the impact of the outbreak, the better to see the overall strength of a company, a reliable screening brand, until after the outbreak, the first to seize wave season "good start."

   both opportunities and challenges, in this particular situation, the interests of dealers need to get more attention and protection. China Building Material Join as a preferred platform, with 3.5 million accurate database agents, each year 100,000 home building intentions agent recommended brands, has accumulated 1.2 million + agency to help find the right brand success. Deep industry for many years, China Building Material always based on the needs of dealers, for dealers to provide operational guidance from brand to join the one-stop service.




by China Building Material precise matching brand dealers news constantly




dealers on the China Building MaterialProfessional Services rave reviews

   combined with the vast number of home building materials dealers of the current situation, China Building Material "chief sink" Dealer Club came into being, aimed at the current special situation for dealers in the entrepreneurial process the escort, and earnestly safeguard the interests of dealers. At the same time, in order to really benefit the majority of dealers, for a limited time "0 yuan 2888 yuan enjoy membership privileges," the conscience of activities.

   ace integrate resources go hand dealers tide over the crisis

   In this special period, in order to protect the interests of dealers to implement in the end, China Building Material responsibility to play a platform, integrated platform and the industry is rich in resources, China mobilized to join the Department of one hundred senior steward, the joint authority of advisory bodies and trade shows, industry share of high-end social circle, pour million in cash subsidies for distribution to bring "eight members enjoy the service."




China Building Material Joint authoritative training institutions for dealers figure it out, harvest a good reputation

   In addition, in order to help dealers quickly, accurately and efficiently screening fly brand, China building Material industry powerful combination of high-quality brand, "chief sink" members build "brand integrity authentication alliance" to provide "seven days refund guarantee speed" service. Allow dealers to join himself, the brave entrepreneurs peace of mind!

   joined worry, looking for China Building Material! Immediate registration "Chinese chief sink" dealer members, 0 yuan membership, legislation Province 2888 yuan!

   Registration Portal: https: //

   鈥?This final interpretation of all China Building Material

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