Promising development of water purification industry showed

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   in all industries to a certain basis, will attract more and more consumers are concerned, but more and more consumers will have their own ideal product, but is generally considered consistent with the publics product is popular trend of course this is just a very simple explanation. Water purification industry, a household in the city is no stranger to the product, though, domestic water purifier market penetration is not very high, but the water purifier market in recent years, the growth rate maintained at more than 40 percent, Related report: the entire water purification industry has considerable prospects, but also need to grasp the development trend of the industry in the future, be adjusted in order to go more stable market in order to maintain stable growth.



   of water purifiers will be along the following trends:

   a trend: the water purification industrys production capacity oversupply [ 123]

   from the first of several imported brands to the current rapid rise of domestic brands as well as a growing number of cross-industry brands to enter, currently active in the country, large and small water purifier brand has more than 4000, and the data continues to increase, mainly due to low water purifiers barriers to entry, and go on like this is bound to be excess capacity, currently has not appeared in specialized stores combined with domestic water purifiers, compared to building materials, appliances and other mature industries specialized stores, so there may be a short-term sales not run to win the yield; with the passage of time later, the brands size will determine the extent of selling in the market, which is why water purification agents investor must choose brand better reason.

   Trends: water purifier rising costs

   The industry believes that this cost is mainly reflected in the following aspects, first of all, the store rents rising, which is basically a foregone conclusion, Secondly, most of the domestic water purifier manufacturers or is heavy head to tail all the parts by their own production, either pure assembly, we can refer to mature industries such as home appliances, basically have a clear division of labor, why should clear division of labor, that is, cost savings future water purification industry also must begin to try to produce segmentation, or facilitate large-scale production; and finally, the consumer brand of water purifiers for service improvement have become increasingly demanding, establish service system needs a lot of money it also will increase the cost of investment in water purification products.

   Three: water purifier lineThe market is profitable industry in the future the majority of the rural market, we must first find a market to develop the rural market

   Statistics show that Chinas rural market, current annual spending power has exceeded one trillion, and to fifteen percent per year growth rate, and rural per capita net income has exceeded $ 4,000, at a rate of ten percent per year growth, new rural construction is in full swing, but also an important reason, of rural drinking water situation is not optimistic, according to the national health Inquiries revealed the presence of unhealthy drinking water issue more than 100 million people, so the future will find more water purifier brand new breakthrough in the rural market.

   Trend four: water purifier industry must adhere to independent innovation

   innovation is a problem in the industry no matter what period must be the primary consideration, and the water purification industry is beginning to mature , but at this time, with all the law of development of the industry, water purification industry will usher in the first round of shuffle, shuffle stage competition will increase, but this time technological innovation undoubtedly played a decisive role, in addition to more and more consumers began to pursue the brand, and technology is an important factor of brand success. Domestic water purification industry in technology has been the soft underbelly of the thousands of water purifier manufacturers, there are really very few technologies.

   Trend five: the future of the water purification industry must follow the two economies

   These two economy is low-carbon economy and circular economy, the two economies has been the main trend of future development, and only follow the law, comply with the requirements of the times to go better, as a new water purifier industry must quickly entered within these two economic range.

   At present domestic water purifier product penetration is only about 4%. In fact, water purifier is a trend of the domestic home life, domestic water quality with respect to the poor quality of water abroad, even heard of foreign domestic wastewater standards to meet the standards of drinking water, domestic water fish can not be long to solid argument. So now most home users will choose bottled water instead of boiling water.

   But not all bottled water is safe, such as water come from the outside, it is difficult to imagine a few dollars a bucket of water will be of good quality. Direct drinking bottled water is not desirable, repeated heating of bottled water is also problematic. The popularity of bottled water, a lot of things in the sense of solving the convenience of drinking water, but does not really solve the problem of drinking water of life.

   Therefore, the introduction of water purification industry, the fundamental sense is the trend, a product of the times to a filtration stage next generation products. Water purification industry in 2014 the market will have a huge leap forward.

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