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   different water hardness vast territory, different regions of the northern China high water hardness, calcium limestone south water area, relatively high content of magnesium ion, easy to scale, consumers should buy electrolytic separation apparatus capable of automatically with ion exchange sterilization resin water softener.

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   In this regard, Patio water purifiers for different water quality characteristics of different regions of China, the products are designed specifically for Chinese water quality design, comprehensive solution to the problem of safe drinking water. It is reported, Patio collected water quality, as well as rural communities across the country conducted water quality analysis and testing, research and development and innovation based on real-time control of water quality around the first-hand information, to achieve "personal customization" of Patio water purification products using big data. Four categories hundreds of models of products, Patio peers have the most complete product line of water purification equipment, according to local conditions to solve the health problem of drinking water in different water environment, establish the highest standards of safety materials, quality and technology.

   It is reported that, in order to give consumers more choice, so that more families experience the charm Patio water purifier high-end technology, as well as promotional activities, as well as a variety of modular Patio water purifier new listed simultaneously, also attracted wide attention.

   New uses five filtration system, the filter better, higher filter loadings, better purification effect; the outstanding advantages of modular design is that a more convenient replacement filter. Open the new water purifier fully enclosed wrench right of the front panel or five cartridges at a glance, just gently lift and rotate counterclockwise Niuchu, ready to replace the filter element can be removed, simple and can be easily yourself at home operations; new classic closed exterior, glass shell texture atmosphere, easy to clean and more practical, its elegant design is matched with the popular decor has become more quality of family choice.

   Smart Patio home water purifier straight drink filtered tap water for kitchen cleaner 185I Ro RO

   Smart Patio RO-185 reverse osmosis grade water purifier using an RO membrane, five precise filter layer, can effectively reduce the dissolved solids and arsenic, chromium, cadmium, lead and heavy metals in water, removal of E. coli, to bring you clean and healthy drinking water. Double faucet design, a dual-purpose machine for domestic water, drinking water for another. Vacuum reservoir, even if the power can be used, the intelligent design of the core, self-cleaning, continuous preservation. Replace the filter is not expensive, as long as a dollar per day. Storage tank capacity 12L, can store about 6L water. 24 V rated voltage design, even if leakage does not cause harm.

   Liu is a 3-month-old babys mother, living in the capital Beijing. Liu attaches great importance to childrens health, usually dedicated to care of relatives milk powder imported from abroad. She felt that with the powder of the water is also very important, but Beijings water is too hard, not suitable for drinking and making baby milk powder, excellent water quality may also lead to kidney stones in infants. Co-workers said to her: Patio water purifier water purification advanced technology, product quality, can effectively filter out impurities and heavy metal ions in water, purified water is safe and clean, protect the healthy growth of children. Recommended listening to colleagues, she heart, and immediately rushed to the store to buy water purifier Patio, sons health is a major event, and so can not afford ah.

   Zhengzhou public Zhang learned that the recent frequent incidents of water pollution from the news, but under the old and small on the home, often telephoned to send bottled water is very troublesome, so he thought simply to take advantage of Taiwan may buy a home water purifier, healthy and convenient, once and for all. He first search on Baidu before coming to the mall to see the manufacturers and product information, learned Patio water purifier and national standardization working group head of the unit, and is known as water purification industry experts, water purification technology has reached the international advanced level, we have a good reputation over the years. In addition, according to the recommendation of friends Patio water purifier model, Mr. Zhang after alignment parameters, select a favorite model, in order to allow a faster family health drink pure water, the same day he went to the counter getting goods Patio . ...... Although they buy because of different reasons Patio water purification machines, but they have only one objective:! To protect drinking water health of their families

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