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   concerned about water purification industry trends, inventory Weekly News. Review last week, well-known brands - M water purification Warring States Period how to become the dominant party: Game deepwater Heiner one hundred billion water purification market and so on industry events one after another. Below, China water purifier small plait ( takes you review last week (11.06-11.12) water purifiers top ten hot news.

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   - M-known brands of water purification Warring States Period how to become the dominant party

   in recent years as water pollution, water purification industry after years of has grown into the "Warring States era of clean water," the rise of multi-male hegemony, water purification market was mixed, water purifier brand varies greatly, many want to join the agency began to screenwriters. So how to choose the right water purifier brand selected to join it? For franchisees, the choice of which brand of time is the main factor to consider it? [Click for more]

   whole industrial layout to enhance the core competitiveness of deep-water sea Game one hundred billion water purifier market is satisfied

   According to incomplete statistics, since 2000, water purifier manufacturers to grow in 2013 - show explosive growth in 2014. At present, China water purifier industry has grown to more than 3,000 manufacturers, their number is still 30% -40% annual growth in the market selling water purifier brand and range up to thousands. And in the moment of the water purifier market, along with rising labor costs, store rents and constant pressure surge in water purifier brand, business development pressure also fell into a more awkward position. [Click for more]

   autumn joy purchase clean water source nanofiltration water purifier autumn big promotion Gifts 1 + 1

   October 20, 2017 - November 30, 2017, Origin Water purification brand stores nationwide terminal for the star flagship product nanofiltration water purification machines D601 and nanofiltration drink straight D668, carry out "clean water source autumn joy purchase, gifts," 1 + 1 "," buy gifts, buy nanofiltration water purification machines D601 will receive the value of 1980 yuan MA300 an air purifier, buy nanofiltration drink straight D668 also receive a value of 3980 yuan MA500 an air purifier, maximum efforts to help the people. [Click for more]

   An all-out star of the water purifier high-speed rail ad againLift the high-end brand

   It is reported that Ann Star water purifier in Mid-Autumn Day Golden Week in the first-tier cities north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen "high-speed rail station line high-speed rail advertising, to lead its first round of high-end brand! A few days ago, security star Adds high-speed rail advertising nearly ten new site, set off a new round of high-speed rail security Star dissemination of advertising boom! [click for more]

   intelligent trend Rongshida small talk water purification products need to do internally and externally [123 ]

   recently, the nineteenth National Congress Party, while declaring socialism with Chinese characteristics to the world entered a new era, clearly put forward the general task in the new era of our country, pointed out that innovation is the driving force to lead the development. In the double hit of a new era of intelligent inevitably become a major trend in all walks of life under the scientific and technological progress. Water industry as well. [Click for more]

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