Water purifiers need to force deep bone marrow cells

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   When forced to qualify as a buzzword and the necessities of life, the history of forced, forced music, science and technology force and cultural force ...... as long as you want, there will be a variety of app, guide teaches you how to quickly "dress a "forced cell.

   If, however, remove the impetuous vision, derogatory color, "to force the grid" means a certain kind of love, commitment and inquiring. "Forced cell" is not floating on the surface of the false mask, but the nature of the pursuit of life, which is precisely the lack of the lost generation of rare character. To borrow the movie "Breakup Buddies" in a classic lines: "live, not just live it." This, perhaps is the value of the concept water purifier want to convey.

   to find water purifier

   independent films, original music, although usually labeled simply niche, high cold, art, even hypocritical, unaware of the label, they are to independent spirit live a full and fulfilling. Do not follow the crowd, dedicated to finding the true self, good at thinking, thinking and adhere to, which is independent of the nature of the original meaning. Internet age, more potential appliance design is inspired by, the endless possibilities of electronic business platform, spawned a number of water purifier brand.


   electronic business platform spawned water purifier brand

   Although the appliance industry is experiencing a downturn, we continue to close down the plant home, well-known brands fade into the wilderness, but theres still one after another. Water purifier brand, though, and unremarkable, but it is the era of electricity supplier thriving highlights.

   independent original brand doing exactly the opposite, adhere to the original design, no blind worshiper of foreign things. They also "chapter and verse", but cited a classic design easy to use home appliances, according to a traditional process tenon and other enduring. Independent design ideas that transform these for their own use, rather than a simple copy and paste. Home appliances because of the designers thinking was given a full body temperature: normal one screw to be used in the best, because the designers miss a child caring for living things age, we should todays home appliances ...... so is this one. " capricious, "the idea, so close to the Chinese home appliance real people in real life. Quiet appliances and therefore full of human touch.


   are home appliances, but also values 鈥嬧€媋nd way of life

   was the media people now feel certain to start water purifier, many Chinese young people do not I knew heReally what you want, what love, what to pursue. "Our way of life is very single." He said, such as 30-40 year-olds what entertainment at night? Chinas youth is nothing more than a meal, barbecue, play cards, clubbing, dancing, in addition to it? Seems no anything else. In foreign countries, woodworking enthusiasts like to stay quietly in his studio, sports enthusiasts may team up to run ...... night life quite diverse. They know what they want, what you need, not the others, who have, I have. We are missing, this is an independent, autonomous thinking. More people began to sprout independent-minded, but very few people have the courage to leave the office stiff, to seek "true love."


   social development, consumption or into the normal

   The brand has its own website, or be able to shop consignment in some lines.

   Most of the water purifier brand embarked on the scale, and gradually expand sales and profits steadily increase, compared to the traditional home appliance sales, still needs to be improved. From another perspective, also reflects Chinese consumers have their own lives more rational understanding.

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