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At present, my countrys new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim, and more confirmed and suspected cases is increasing. Since the days of the development of the epidemics impact on the lives of millions of people, but also affects the hearts of millions of people. "A difficult one, P Plus support", although still in the Chinese New Year holiday, but the community did not love proofing, the heart line, the line of will and the China Association for Quality Inspection of water purification equipment special committee, air purification equipment IPCC Member units will bravely plunge into this campaign of prevention, take concrete actions to rush to the rescue Wuhan, unite as one, to overcome the difficulties! This reflects their dedication and boundless love of noble sentiments, but also the effective implementation of the responsibility, obligatory social responsibility.


   clean water source

   Beijing Origin Water Technology Co., Ltd. under the strong support and assistance Communications Group and Chinas urban and rural areas, donated to the hospital with pneumonia near Hubei Province millions of dollars nanofiltration water purification equipment, drinking water protection make every effort to make the logistics work for the affected areas.

   At present, relevant departments have clean water source into the joint state of emergency, the person in charge of the work and bear the donation engineers shouldering water purifier installation work is being rushed to the front, the clean water source water purification equipment donated by nanofiltration will be put into use in the hospital with pneumonia, Hubei Province, can protect the 5000 health care workers and patients safe and healthy drinking water.


   to combat epidemic united. In this war without smoke, the Olin also positive action to make our own power to fight the epidemic.

   January 30 morning, Olin donate 500,000 yuan to Ningbo Charity Federation, as the epidemic prevention and control funds.

   30 afternoon, Olin ED Ningbo Red Cross donated a total value of $ 4.5 million "to kill bacteria farmers portable purifier. Wuhan and Ningbo earmarked for the fight against the epidemic of work, help the fight against the epidemic to protect front-line health care workers healthy diet.


   January 30, Kai Diya through Wuhan City Red Cross to a hospital in Wuhan sixth directional donated air purifiers into the SF green channel.

   In addition, Kai Diaz are trying to promote the next batch of supplies donated matters. Raytheon is currently communicate Wuhan Hill Hospital, in addition to donated air purifiers, will also provide KN95 masks.



   Zhejiang East environment

   January 29 morning, the East environment donated 1 million to Zhuji Jie Sifu series membrane fresh air and clean water equipment and other immunization supplies.

   batch of vaccination supplies from the East environment factory loading, will be sent Zhuji Peoples Hospital, Zhuji Chinese medicine hospitals and other medical institutions, in order to control the epidemic, gave a force!




   Hao Ze

   2020 January 30, Hao Ze the first group of donors infected area air purifier has been ready to go!

   Reportedly, these air purifiers in Ho Chak transported to the affected areas can be arranged in a number of hospitals, transportation hubs and other personnel relatively dense places. Filtered air through lurk efficient air cleaner filter coronavirus bacteria, personnel play a protective role.

   novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic affects hundreds of millions of compatriots in the heart of Ho Chak Group on the one hand contact infected areas relevant units; on the other hand mobilize service personnel system, from production base in Shaanxi emergency allocation of thousands of air purifiers Support is affected areas. The first batch of donated materials worth over one million yuan.

   After 10 days, there will continue Ho Ze different batches of water purification equipment and air purifier FOB epidemic. For areas not yet large-scale outbreak of the epidemic, Ho Chak Group is also close to allocate equipment, providing peace of mind and security of air purification services to the local health care system, these devices will be fighting in the front-line fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia personnel to safe drinking water and breathing from the protective effect, but also for the fight against the epidemic strength to do business.




   Shandong Abel

   January 31, Shandong Abel Jinan City environmental protection Technology Co., Ltd. through health system, the first batch of donated supplies to the affected areas of love protection 52,000 yuan.




   To be continued

   Of course, this is only we knowPart of the information, statistics will be omissions. There are many companies in the net two on your way to Wuhan to refuel, I believe there will be a follow-up to the net more and more enterprises to participate in two of them. If you know this information, please leave a message to add, so that more people see the two companies net before this epidemic show "Big Love"!



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