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  Spring to open shop how to make money?

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In recent years, countries concerned about environmental protection, pay attention to environmental improvement well known, and domestic water pollution is very serious, not difficult to see the water treatment industry will be the most uncertain prospects for the next few years the development of the industry, many investors are optimistic about the water purification industry. Although interested in the water purification industry a lot of people, but they generally feel about this strange new environmental protection industry, water purification agents say that now a lot of money, do not want to miss this great prospects for the industry, but do not know how the agent, but do not ? how do I know do water purifier to a profit following small talk about specific people: how proxy water purifiers, shop every month how much money


When it comes to how the proxy water purifiers,? I believe we are most concerned about is nothing less than the joining process, in particular the cost of input costs, as well as how to run stores to profitability. Here we first talk about and join the process of water purification agents:


1, study well in line with their level of local consumption of water purifier brand, it is best to go to the manufacturers site visits, to determine whether the strength of the brand for the long term goods, products do not protect the poor sales. 2, a thorough understanding about what are the manufacturers of the agents support policies to determine whether the concrete implementation of the agents who have light or verbal commitment, not a word, according to Li.


3, to understand the development prospects of a good brand, corporate power and speed of product updates, product features if there is a selling point.


鍑€姘村櫒涓撳崠搴楀姞鐩? data-ke-= 4, manufacturers will want to join the agents have certain requirements, such as not less than 50 square meters have proprietary stores (except auto), the first Nahuo threshold, over at least three-man team, there are some marketing ideas and so on. Both sides may sign a contract after a clear understanding, manufacturers will provide training for the opening of the agents, including product installation training, sales skills, marketing programs. Part of the water purifier manufacturers will also provide market support to staff training to the agents shopTraining, help smooth the opening of sellers, such as Shenzhen factory spring water purifiers top ten brands will come to shop for agents to arrange training.


then the agent include a water purifier brand shop, how many business and other input costs need it? The first consideration to the store rent, shop fitting fees, opening times and daily promotional material costs, costs to hire workers, and so on, this is a lot of expenses. So on this issue, Xiao Bian has previously written a detailed analysis of the water purifier investment, will not repeat here described, have not learned friend can go to the next; last look at the water purification agent can shop every month how much money, in fact, this is considered out. Most of the current water purifier market is about 2000-3000 yuan a, and general water purifier gross profit in about 70 percent to 80 percent assuming each water purifier can earn eight hundred money, then one day to sell, you can earn a month twenty-four thousand dollars. That is not to work than to work more to earn it. In fact, water purifier shop is not complicated, mainly to see how late the good guys, well run many agents can be bought at about half a year on a car, a down payment to buy a house a year later. Springs to water purifiers as water purifiers top ten brands in Shenzhen has 30,000 square feet of production base, professional sales and marketing team with hands-shop sales agents to use, improve the service system to help agents solve the problem of terminal sales, so entrepreneurship easier. How Proxy water purifiers, shop every month how much money? As long as you have confidence, I have a method, coupled with the broad prospects for the market, you have to worry about not making money yet? Chat advisors can join free of charge data product Price list!



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