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   From the river to drink well water to tap water to bottled water, and now extremely strong water purifier market, the emergence of a water purifier, so that drinking water has been re-defined. But look at the water industry, water purifier brand variety, product quality varies greatly, false and counterfeit is extremely furious, has presented a confusing confusion! How under different opinions, rational choice real strength of the brand water purifier it ?


   first, choose water purifier brand, depending on whether the company specialized in water purification. General brand specializing in water purification business, product quality, brand reputation and after-sales services are relatively more secure.

   Second, see technology products. Water purifiers rely on technology as a support, good water purification products need to have independent water purification technology, shell work fine filter with a reasonable level of green environmentally friendly materials.

   Third, to see the effect of water purification. The process of buying in advance is best to test some water purification products, water purification effect if good, indicating the product quality is no problem, otherwise there is no use value.

   Fourth, check the filter. Water purifier filter is the heart of one of these machines, it should understand clearly what used cartridge filter, if easy to replace.

   Fifth, after-sales service is perfect. The so-called "third seven quality service", is a long-term water purifier filter replacement and cleaning products, after-sales service is essential.

   Sixth, from water quality. The main area contains water purifier ultrafiltration water machine and dryer two categories, you can drink straight water machine, for most families, and ultrafiltration machine water softener is suitable for many northern scale, hard water use If the South is bacterial, more impurities in water, available kitchen water purifier, whole house water purifiers and more.

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