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   Nowadays, in the modern era has been widely accepted concept of environmental protection, the protection of water resources for people concerned about the increasing heat, the state authorities have been or will soon introduce relevant policies for domestic water environment governance tasks and arrangements will soon put in place, the face of continued concern of water pollution, in the end is how it all about?

   As China gradually accelerate the pace of social modernization construction pace, Chinas environmental problems become more apparent contradiction, even under certain conditions, a serious obstacle to the development of todays society, sustainable development, China can get rid of developed countries have gone through the old road "after pollution" it?

   According to the current situation, environmental pollution has become an insurmountable stumbling block to Chinas sustainable development. The use of water resources occupies a pivotal position in the overall national development layout.

   about 14 billion m3 of water in the world, about 420 million m3 of fresh water, about 3% of the global amount of water, of which about 77.2% are in cold storage in ice caps and glaciers, groundwater and soil is 22.4% water, about 0.4% of the lakes, swamps and rivers.

   As a result of the water cycle, water is very unevenly distributed worldwide. Since the 20th century, a substantial increase in the worlds water consumption, annual water consumption from 1990 to about 400 billion m3 in 1995 increased 3 trillion m3, an increase of 6.5 times. By 2000, the worlds fresh water usage has reached 6 trillion m3.

   and so far, the world has 43 countries and regions, lack of water, accounting for 60% of the global land area, about 20 million people with water stress, one billion people lack access to good drinking water.

   Thus, water has been the focus of global attention, governments are actively engaged in exploration and government work related to water pollution prevention and control.

   Among all these issues, on domestic water pollution in the end is how a situation? We look at a set of data:

   Chinas current water environment is worrying, seven major river systems and ground pollution levels have different levels of pollution, along with the changes in the use of functional and geographical environment, depending on the degree of contamination, are: Liaohe, Haihe, Huaihe River, Yellow River, Songhua River, Pearl River, the Yangtze River, the country has about 42% of the water quality standards for more than 3 classes (can not do drinking water sources), about 36% Of urban river water quality worse than Grade 5, partial or total loss of functionality. Large freshwater lakes (reservoirs) and the city lake water quality is generally poor, increased more than 75% of eutrophication lakes.

   concept of ecological management for Chinas water environment from the beginning of this century had already started to pay attention to them, but because management failed to reach the speed of construction demand, and became a social buildup, even this situation continues today .

   for domestic water environment also gradually implemented beginning from conceptualization to the real point, for water pollution prevention and control, the state authorities have issued relevant policies, laws and regulations, and actively promote water-related environmental governance and rectification work. Recently, concern the "new Environmental Protection Law" and "Water 10" The introduction of the Internet further indicates that the degree of attention the government for environmental issues. The establishment of new environmental laws by past passive management to active remediation, governance issues will effectively improve after pollution.

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